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Free download of Premium Templates

Appy makes sure you get premium quality templates for free, Appy is no different. The Colid is a free material design based flat website template from our team. Hi, it's really difficult to get premium templates for free.

How can I find Premium Bootsstrap templates for free?

They will not be able to find premium templates for free. However, in most cases premium templates come with a free one. And if you like the look of a premium artwork, see if the artwork also offers a free one. You will find one for most templates.

However, you cannot get as many functions in the free edition as in the premium edition. Even if you don't get good tech for the free one. Below are some of the premium templates and their free editions.

Premium templates

The only thing you need to do is just choose the desired pattern and click Download. It downloads immediately to your website and is available in the Templates pane. Please note: We ask you to specify your business sector during capitalization so that we have statistical information about the business sectors we need to consider in the templates.

Complimentary & Premium E-Commerce Bootstrap Topics

Bootstrap e-commerce templates contain everything you need. Our templates allow you to bypass the entire prototype, styling and programming process. Each HTML page is highly reactive (the layout adjusts to the desktop depending on the desktop space of the users environment). Most templates are equipped with 5+ color variations and can be used free of charge.

The {LESS} sources are also included in premium templates. We use Bootstrap 3.3 for all of our e-commerce templates, which are highly reactive. The Bootstrap contains many great features like knobs, acordions, carousels, navigation bar and more. Each of these elements is designed in our templates and fits the theme. In addition to the bootstrap, we are adding many additional features that will be useful for your e-commerce solution.

For example, these are user-defined slider controls, megamenus, user-defined formula items and much more. There are 45 HTML pages in the biggest HTML page layout. Topics also included the HTML templates for the basket, page and contacts page, ordering processes and even customers' pages such as order histories, wish lists and much more.

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