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It' one of the fastest WordPress themes with a variety of features and additional custom widgets. Market leader in premium WordPress themes. Find out about our latest topics.

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The GlowMag is a classy and high performance design designed for periodicals, newspaper or blog. It' one of the quickest Wordprocessor themes with a variety of functions and additional user-defined Widget. The design is fully based on the customizer, so you can adjust most of the design options using easy customization preview.

The GlowMag is also a ready-to-advertise design, an ad can be added from customizers and Widgets. The design is fully compliant with all popular browsers. The design is fully compliant with all kinds of equipment. Topic car works on all equipment. This theme is fully bootstrap compliant and has been designed using the latest technologies. The GlowMag is translatable and can be used in any languages.

Wonderful Slider and Breaking News section is available in GlowMag. GlowMag is available for this topic Links, right, and no sidebars.

The Transcend - A free, high-quality WordPress theme for businesses

The Transcend is a sophisticated premium WordPress theme specifically designed for on-line stores looking to enhance their on-line visibility. When you can quickly build a homepage with dynamically changing items, you're ready to go. Like our other portfolios, it allows you to present all kinds of media: slide shows, art gallery, pure pictures or even video!

The theme is totally reactive and was developed from the bottom up to look great on both conventional monitors and portable tactile equipment. Premium WordPress theme are all equipped with these useful functions. This theme's design is such that it adapts to practically any display area. Each page and each contribution in the topic is arranged in such a way that it has its own, individual lay-out if necessary!

Choose from up to five different page layout options in the side bar, minimise or eliminate headers and footers, and customise your page experiences for each one. The same is true for user-defined mail items that are added by plug-ins so that you have full command. Build your own shop using the powerful WooCommerce, the most widely-used WordPress e-commerce plug-in.

Each premium theme you use will automate your shop pages and incorporate them into the functionality so you can begin sales immediately. The topics also supported the opposite of the standard product, the Easy Downloads plug-in. Any design allows you to easily modify the colouring.

Choose a pallet for your layouts, and then adjust your fonts to add a custom look to your website. Utilize strong shortcuts to add rich interactivity to your website by including all types of designer items such as badges, chords, price charts, and more. Build a truly custom website by having full command of your fonts, colours and types.

Once the theme has been installed, you can upload the demonstration and make your website look exactly like our online previews. When you need help, just send a message and our technicians will get back to you as soon as possible. Our topics are continuously improved and made compliant with the latest WordPress versions.

Refresh your design directly in your WP administrator at the push of a mouse click.

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