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How much do I get with the premium version? Can I upgrade to Website Builder Premium? The Premium Web Builder lets you create links to direct your visitors to another site.

Website Builder Premium - What is it? - assistance

How much do I get with the premium edition? What can I do to update to Website Builder Premium? This is an advanced edition of Website Builder, with additional functionality and more pages. Premium gives you premium template support, backup & restore, and more. Website Builder comes free as the default package with all subscription packages.

Functions such as picture processing, sales order forms and attractive template are included. Up to 5 pages can be published. When you want to post more pages, you need to update to Premium. How much do I get with the premium edition? Premium gives you full functionality with the following features: Premier Design Builder templates - Website Builder Premium gives you easy acces to premium design tools created for an optimized web viewing environment.

You have a variety of different category to select from and you can get your website up and running in no Time. High Definition Publish - Website Builder Premium displays the pictures of your website in the optimum resolutions, according to which display your visitors are using. Restoring backup in Website Builder - Premium gives you easy control over previous editions of your website.

With Website Builder backup, you can easily review and recover old Website Builder releases. Up to 200 pages - The default Website Builder allows you to create up to 5 pages. Premium lets you post large Web pages without having to keep your contents to a bare essentials.

Intermediate Publish - Premium uses more sophisticated publish that will optimize the coding of your website. Enhanced published content also help searching machines find your website faster! We' re always working to make the Website Builder better so you can look forward to more functionality being added in the near term. What can I do to update to Website Builder Premium?

The Premium remains activated until the expiry date. By downgrading your site, your site stays exactly as it is, both your posted pages and your contents in Website Builder. When you want to post changes to your website, you are restricted to a 5 page number. It is possible to prevent pages from being posted by removing them so that you do not have to remove your contents.

When you have used a premium site for your website, you can continue to use it and even add new pages.

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