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Libraries of some of the best premium and free WordPress plugins. Eleven of the best premium WordPress plugins worth their while. It is undeniable that WordPress and the WordPress space are flourishing. For several years the CMS has been the world' s most rapidly expanding CMS, and in June of this year more than 2,000 visitors came together for WordCamp Europe 2016 - the biggest WordPress conference in our time. A further indication of the continued popularity of WordPress is the increasing number of premium plug-ins.

Though there are more than 40,000 free WordPress plugins in the repository, many folks nowadays choose to afford their plug-in needs. The number of WordPress businesses with six-figure sales and beyond is growing all the time. But although there are indisputable benefits of Going Premium (additional functionality, better coding standards, premium technical assistance, periodic updates), are plugins really priced right?

But not everything associated with the term "premium" is a necessary outlay. In order to help you differentiate what is what, we have put together a number of the best premium WordPress plugins that are definitely worth their while. So if you are in doubts, this item will help you determine what it is worth to invest your cash in.

We will try to provide a good free option for every premium plug-in on this page. A thing that most new website users are amazed at is the amazing amount of spamming their pages. Indeed, spamming commentaries on favorite Web pages can account for up to 85 per cent of all comment.

That' s right, only 15 per cent of the feedback a website gets is legit. With WordPress even the presentation tool, there are many annotations to take in. This is the number one anti-spam plug-in out there. It' not just that, it's the number one WordPress plug-in - dot, but the fact that it's pre-installed with every new WordPress set-up probably helps.

As it works, the plug-in will scan all received messages for spammers and filter out those marked by its ever-growing databases. It' also regularly updates to handle the latest spamming techniques. You can find Akismet free of charge in the WordPress folder. There is also a "Name your price" licence for your own blog, so that even novices don't have to be drowned in spamming commentaries.

Conversely, fee-based licensing offers extra functionality such as day-to-day or even real-time backup and more. It was definitely a worthwhile one. One of the best ways to accelerate WordPress and shorten page load times is to cache. On the other side, most other plugins ask you to revise many settings before they begin to do their thing.

You don't have to go through pages and pages of them just to get the plug-in to work. When you work with WordPress, the odds are high that you're not just worrying about one location, but several at the same one. This can be a problem even with a simple -to-use environment like WordPress: browsing every deshboard, signing in, updating and other servicing - it will take a long while.

The ManageWP streamlines this entire operation by allowing you to take control of everything from a single workstation. With a few mouse clicks, your desktop allows you to organize topics and plug-ins, post and page, or refresh WordPress and its component parts on all your websites. It can even give you information about website availability, Google analytics traffic, and website backup scheduling.

Additionally, the plug-in can periodically back up and copy your website to third-party service providers such as Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive and others for added protection. BackupBuddy is also produced by ieThemes, which is a well-known name in WordPress due to its excellent build and support.

GravityForms is the premium WordPress creation plug-in for many. Gravity Forms provides nearly unlimited forming choices, from basic e-mail opt-ins to sophisticated planning solutions, based on your licensing requirements. Other functions are multipage blanks, autoresponders, extended boxes, conditioned logics, price boxes, pay option, re-captcha and much more. In this way the plug-in is equally user-friendly for novices and experienced use.

It' a great leads generator plug-in that lets you quickly and simply build opt-in e-newsletterms. There are many ways the plug-in can present your template and your call to Action, among them pop-ups, headers and footers, slide-ins, full-screen CSRs and others. As you are creating the real blanks on your website, you need the WordPress plug-in to be able to configure how it is displayed on your website.

Now we come to another plug-in that I have been using myself for some time. WordPress moves with the help of the plug-in by taking over the most laborious part - the data base. The WP Migrate DB Pro eliminates all this by enabling you to synchronize the data base (and - optional - mediafiles ) between two WordPress installsutomatically.

Disadvantage of the plug-in is that it is at the more expensive end of the spectrum, but if you are a web designer who manages many customer sites, it will help you safe a lot of long term effort (and money)! Easily meet all the needs of your organisation and your publishing strategies by enabling you to plan your blogs, post your news, plan your teams and more.

The Restrict Contents Pro member plug-in is one of the big players in this field. It' produced by Pippins Plugins, a well-known name in the WordPress world. It allows you to create several memberships for your contents with different pricing and restricted entry.

Further extras includes rebate code, reduced probationary period and a report engine for payment, revenue and registrations. Plus, the plug-in comes with a great help section and Stellar Backup at a fairly affordable cost. Recently I was cited on Twitter because I was enthusiastic about this special plug-in when Postmatic 2 was introduced.

For bloggers, handling commentaries on blogs is part of everyday work. Everyone who contributes for a livelihood will be spending a lot of effort to interact with people who are kind enough to post commentaries on things you have commented on. Browse the latest news items, search for reviews, sign up, respond, post reviews, and send - you can waste countless hours doing it.

The Postmatic makes this easy by emailing commentaries directly to the author. This way, you can authorize, move to the Recycle Bin, respond to spammers, and most significantly, respond to any feedback directly from your mailbox. That' s right, click response, type your response in the e-mail, press Submit and the remainder will be done.

It also offers extra features such as opt-in e-mail newsletter formulars, the ability to send current blogs to your subscription and more. In my view, however, the e-mail comment system alone is just the right thing to invest in. It can be a worthwhile return on your money to offer your WordPress website in more than one languages with the increasing internationalisation of the web.

As a result of your translations, you can attract many extra audiences for your texts and clients for your product service. Whilst there are many WordPress translations plugins, the true emphasis among them is certainly WPML. It is a true working horse and will work miracles in the back of your website.

In addition, the plug-in is e-commerce-enabled, provides multi-user translation capabilities, has excellent customer service and will continue to be further enhanced. Which is your best Premium WordPress plug-in? The access to tens of millions of free plugins is one of the main factors behind the WordPress buzz. Premier plugins offer additional benefits such as new functionality and premium technical assistance and often for good cause have dominated their markets.

At the top of the page we've seen some of the best premium WordPress plugins currently available, and the reasons why they're a worthwhile one. If you choose one of the above mentioned choices, you can be sure that you will get your money's worth. Your choice is yours. Whilst in many cases free plugins do a good enough job if you operate a professionally run website, payed plugins definitely have their place.

Above all, for the most important functions and functions, they can really take your WordPress website to the next stage. What premium WordPress plugins can you suggest? WordPress he found when he needed a website for his first company and immediately fallen in love with him.

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