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Best 31+ new Premium WordPress Themes: Jan 2015 Have a look at our line-up of 31 all-new Premium WordPress themes from January 2015. There' a whole range of topics for blogging, publishing on-line magazine and posting on web sites (and more!). There is no such thing as the gift to give your WordPress website a completely new look. It' as simple as choosing a new topic (and if you're not sure where to begin, check out Ragnar's great article on how to modify your WordPress theme).

Let's get into some of our favourite topics of the months! Featuring the power of Visual Composer, ton of user-defined page components, WooCommerce compliance, B2B press capability, and more (such as multi headers style, footer builders, user-defined logon page, etc.), this topic comes with the Visual Composer. It' really the only subject you need. The Constructo is a design topic for WordPress editors, a great topic for builders and federations.

It comes with a Visual Composer, revolutionary slide control, 4+ headers, endless side bars & user-defined widgets, and 4 pre-defined colour scheme. The SOHO is a WordPress topic, perfect for presenting your creativity in the shape of photographs and video. The topic also highlights the website's quickness and power, its functions comprise a full-screen slide, a galleries scrapbook, a bricklayers folder and a galleries, a ribbon galleries, a vertical view, full-screen blogs as well as strips.

This is a very minimalistic subject to represent the result of a photographer's work. Its design provides excellent picture observation and offers the best possible picture observation performance with zooming zoom. A fast-reacting, web-based themes that includes 2 blogs laidouts, limitless portfolios choices, 30+ socially minded medias, limitless side bars, 600+ Google scripts, customized Widgets, and the themes are translatable.

The Good-News blog is a multi-niche blogs topic and also works as a magazines topic. It' perfect to show your writing with a few pictures, such as a message page or a webpage. Design is simple to use with simple pull & pull functionality to help build a great website.

Fully reactive and web-enabled design with a revolutionary slide control, parallel axis overlays and full wallpaper videos, intelligent side bars, multi-level push menu, super menu, email chimpanzee email message widget, batch viewing capability, orbital slide control, advertising assistance, and a child-themed release. An eCommerce and Portfolios topic with 10 Portfolios and 8 pages of detailed portfolios to select from.

Fully featured multi-currency & multi-lingual WooCommerce set up to launch your e-commerce store. Google's 600+ font design with limitless colour choices and compatible with the world' most widely-used e-commerce plug-ins. The A-Bomb is a great blogs and newspapers topic with a fantastic selection of functions. You can create an extremely fast reacting website.

The design makes it simple to customize colours and type. Using user-defined Blockposts, you can use any layout you want. WordPress is Alaska topic, which is a good choice for web hosters and web publishers. Fully reactive and retinable design with a full featured composite design, revolutionary slide control, huge menus, high performance shortcuts, 3 price table styles, portfoliopost option, 8 mail format, WooCommerce integrated, 600+ Google Font, Font Awesome Icon Kit and full background videos and parallaxes.

This is a neat, cutting-edge WordPress topic for papers, on-line journals, reviews and blogging. Select from different layout options, gooey side bars, huge menus, enhanced mail filter, 10 bottom line style, 7 blogstyle, 6 fonts iconsets and WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress compatible. Completely reactive, neat and lightweight WordPress topic with several mail type, fantastic icons and a page-builder.

Topic inventory choices make it possible to present the results of creatives' work. The NanoMag is the premium topic for on-line magazines and message web sites. Available with 6 homepage themes, 14 page building block, one page building block, 4 huge meal themes, endless side bars, an endless colour range, this topic is WooCommerce-friendly.

The Butiko is a minimum WooCommerce topic for eCommerce sites. Topic comes with 7 different home page layout and 7 customized widgets to include functions to your website. Accessory is a fully reactive WooCommerce topic with a variety of functions. Topic pack contains limitless colour skin, huge menus, revolutionary slide control, optical composers, multi-format blogs, multi-format contacts, 600+ Google Webfonts, 350+ Font Awesome Icon Sets and fast viewing of products.

The design is WPML compliant and easy to use. This is a high-quality WordPress topic for the photographer. The design comes with a Page builder that contains 18 user-defined pads. Part of this theme's album section will help you include video and images along with a description and show them to your audience.

It works in both black and black skin, and features roundabouts and slide controls to show off your favorite visuals. The design is WooCommerce compliant and has 2 blogs and 3 different portfolios, a portfoliofilter, infinite side bars and a children topic edition. The Versus Research is a premium WordPress topic for creating a CV or a CV on an on-line site.

It is a neat subject, perfect for presenting project and product presentations from free-lance professionals, freelance artists, photo professionals and graphic artists. They can use more than 650 Google typefaces, as well as more than 650 Google searchable textures. Design includes fluid motion with great scrollability. WordPress creativity, perfect for any creativity pro or agent.

The Howetown is a big topic for realtors and related businesses. Functions such as feature controller, feature locator, feature tabs, and feature transfer option are provided. Moreover, payments can be made via Paypal, this topic also supports WPML, Google has reCaptcha and many more customized Widget.

This topic has a 3-column raster and several contents outputs on the homepage, which are available at your own option. The design is fully compliant with the BuddyPress and BudPress plug-ins. The appealing design is also suitable for searching engines, especially useful for a news website. The Bon Appetit is a good topic selection for a diner, café, bar, or any other place.

The design is simple to use, fully reactive and comes with a revolutionary slide control, para-lax and full colour background, Font Actome icon kit and embedded voice and music. Chicago-a great place for a place to eat, a café, a pub or even a café. An entirely appealing topic that contains company items.

It also has portfolio-option to present the meals of each restaurant. They can use a simple meeting system, an open desk or user-defined reservations and Chicago is WooCommerce-compliant. A further topic developed for eateries, pubs and cafés. It has 4 homepage revisions, a revolutionary slide control, Twitter & Instagram feeds and WooCommerce interoperability.

You can also use it for a blogs or an on-line magazin. This is an elegantly designed topic for authors to share thoughts and tell a story. This topic concentrates on ease and legibility, it will help to communicate your messages in an easy way. Useful for presenting the works of authors, writers, poets, thinkers, photographs, adventurers, bloggers, and diaries.

This is an extreme fast-reacting topic that offers the audience an ever-changing viewing sensation. This is a neat and contemporary WordPress topic with full-width speaker width and full-width layouts choices. This topic also offers 3 variants of the homepage and 8 postal sizes. The Nudge is a fully reactive WordPress topic, great portfolios and customizable start pages, gooey postings, handy paragraph displays, fonts away icon sets, and a variety of fonts available.

Perfect for company and enterprise Web sites or any Web site that demands clearness and ease to communicate information to audiences. Filters, limitless colour choices, Google type, form validations and ready to translate are all part of this topic and its functionality. This is a minimum topic with fantastic inventory choices that make it a good option for anyone who wants to show off their work.

Contemporary magazine/news topic for WordPress readers, this topic contains 4 homepage variants to select from. The topic offers limitless colour choices, a personal evaluation system and a safe online enquiry system. Yet another blog/magazine WordPress topic, this topic pack contains a draft & dropdown page Builder, Google Font, Font Awesome Icon Set, unbounded pads, 6 Postformats, unbounded colours, an authors templates and endless scroll.

Fully reactive, retina-capable WordPress topic that allows photos to be displayed in the best possible lighting. As part of this month's topic compilation, a broad range of WordPress topics was discussed! However, if you haven't quite found what you're looking for under these premium themes, don't forget to visit the Total-Drag & Drop WordPress theming.

It' s full of great stuff, so you can build any website you need - shops on line, blogging, news and more. Just keep tuning in - next week we'll have even more new premium themes for you!

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