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Design your website with beautiful premium WordPress themes, templates & plugins. Suppose you want to install the free Customizr design. A ZIP file for your downloaded extension.

Free] 7+ Best Google Optimized WordPress Themes 2018

WordPress allows us to quickly and easily set up our own on-line platform as we wish. Whether you want to create a blogsite, a portfoliosite, a local businessesite or an e-commerce site, WordPress CMS and WordPress themes are always the first choices. Today, the criteria of rankings in searching machines have developed and websites have begun to adapt to Google and other searching machines.

It is a great benefit to have a site that is easy to find. There are 7 WordPress themes here that Google and other browsers like. It is a neat and easy WordPress topic with integrated WordPress content and integrated WordPress editing features. Tailored for company web sites. The best thing about this topic is that you can use it on an infinite number of domain names and for an infinite number of sites.

Foogo Pro is a conversion-optimized application that offers outstanding functionality, among which the fantastic slide control, full documentary, user-defined widgets, user-defined template, fully reactive, great style choices and much more. Colourway is one of the most favorite themes on It' s optimised look and feel and search engines compatible lay-out make it an outstanding place to start any new website with trust.

Easily customise the design with its simple option panels and administer your site's optimization with an integrated custom panels. One of the most sought-after WordPress titles, MH is ideal for creating professionally designed on-line newspapers, vibrant newsgroups and other content creation work. The WordPress topic has been encoded with consideration of best practice WordPress so that you can profit from a sound basis for good ranking in searching machines.

MH Magazine's WordPress Topic flexible design allows you to use it for any kind of media category, including current affairs, lifestyles, fashions, sports, entertainment, dining, music, travelling, technologies and more. It is made so that all the functions of your company can be accessed with ease using the several functions that are contained in the topic, the particular topic is a directories topic with an embedded Google card, the card is great and gigantic and is the key characteristic of the topic.

You can use the theme's browse list options to find a specific entities through which clients can directly get the results they want for which they visit the site. At the end of each article a corresponding industry entry was displayed. Quick and easy searching with Ajax added.

User-defined arrays have added individual collections. Integrate Google Map. The Compass is the best example for error-free - error-free topic creation. The website load rate is one of the most important parameter when it comes to optimising your website for SEO. It is an ultra light weight with reduced encoding and is known for its fast setting.

The RoadFighter is the best basic design for the extended WordPress family. Creates a powerful virtual landscape across your entire website with neatly engineered functionality, ease of navigating, user-friendly interfaces, and Unicode text design. Progressive bespoke thematic options help you create your favorite corporate website in just a few moments. Unilateral topic is a blinding topic, Google optimised topic is topic where all commercial functions can be operated, 4-column functional area is the place where all exclusives offered by you will be able to be divided on the respective section.

Price chart is one of the best characteristics of the topic, where all costs for the service you offer can be displayed using the special section. It is the place where all customer responses can be collected.

Built-in Google Maps. It is a tailor-made WordPress topic for blogging, publishing and messaging. ZugoTopia is aimed at people who write too much and pro-bloggers, and is the subject that makes the contents and the editor fully visible.

So these were the six bright WordPress themes that have the power to take a website to new levels of excellence. Here is the hope that you would have made your choice and would definitely put in place the design that would enhance the look and feel of your website through giant boundaries and jumps. Phillips has worked as an expert in the customized WordPress Developer and likes to share information about the use of WordPress in the best possible way.

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