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The Premium WordPress Themes Collection lists Premium WordPress Themes from : Premium WordPress bakery topic from nowhemes If you are already in a love affair with our store, click View Preview to see more, or click In Shopping Basket! Select from 2 detailed page layouts: Standard & Order Forms. It was very much appreciated by us and we sincerely hope that you will like it! When you need assistance, all our assistance is provided through our technical assistance system (

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Not only does Master for WordPress stand out from the masses by its stylish and professionally designed look, but also by how easy it is to build the ideal website for your magazine or blog. Easy to install is the ultimate in comfort, you're just a click away from the demonstration you saw on your new website.

Saves over $40 with our Awesome Page Builder plug-in, which is fully built into your design and gives you the ability to build almost any type of page design you can think of - saving $28! Plus, you get Arqam, the high-performance, fast-reacting plug-in'Social Counter' that swings your stats for nothing - saving you $16!

All you can imagine for a premium feature topic is by default equipped with masters, predefined layout, mega menu, layout, shortcodes and e-mail sub submenus supported by MailChimp to keep these users active. Top 10 completely heated, full website demonstrations prepared for your contents. Expand your offering with 5 different blog playlists, packed with demonstration contents that can be customized with a click.

With our integrated Mega Menue you will never run out of functions! Create your own menus with the simple drag and drop widget editors, post your site choices and the tough work is done. Select from 3 high-performance sliders to show your pixel-perfect retinal photograph in full aura.

Featuring over 40 high performance shortcuts, there's no single lay-out you can't think of. Short codes allow a designer to quickly and easily design pages with rich interactivity without programming. Easily generate a taxonomy with up to 5 categories and make your contents both browseable and workable. Our One-Click install is one of the most efficient functions.

Complete demonstration contents on one click directly after activating the topic. Full online documentation with screen shots to help you install and customize, and of course our video tutorials are there to guide you quickly through the proces. Here are just a few of the functions that we know you'll want, for more information about the Minutia that you can continue reading!

  • Fixed the problem with the third tier menu in the portable side bar. - Fix problem with mega-menu after state. One click install account after topic activation.

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