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This review shows how PremiumPress developers have cheated their loyal customer base out of the desire to earn extra money. The PremiumPress is a theme provider specializing in Business WordPress themes. Everything you need to get the job done Customise and customise your website with Elementor, as well as using Page Builders with plug-ins to create your own drag-and-drop pages. Spend less of your free trial period with our demonstration contents and quickly set up your website for a specific user, just like our demonstration websites. You' ll like our 24/7 account management.

Our topics are continuously updated and supplemented with new functions so that your website is always one step ahead of the game.

Our top priorities are to provide the best possible level of services to our customers. Perhaps that is why we have been proud to serve over 30,000 customers around the world since 2010. It' simple to set up, but the best part is the number of functions it offers. It' s full of feature-packed, simple to use, great feature set, right priced and the most important thing is outstanding user-friendliness.

Reliability check of PremiumPress Themes + 24 client ratings

After all, the PremiumPress creator and chief engineer has dealt with the problem I mentioned and agrees to offer a free update to all those who have purchased old frameworks. Amazingly, my affiliate isn't updated to a Premiumpress Premium Press member band (which contains all PremiumPress responding topics). When you think you are going to become a DirectoryPress ("Responsive Directory Theme"), ShopperPress ("Responsive Shopper Cart Theme"), CouponPress ("Responsive Coupon Theme"), or any other PremiumPress WordPress topic you must first review this review of that genuine member.

Check out this article to see how PremiumPress developers tricked their faithful regular customers out of the desire to make additional cash. I' d like to make it clear that I am a true client of the DirectoryPress topic has created, and due to many technological flaws in this topic and bad client service, I have decided to apply this topic to my Directory website.

However, I tried a great deal to fix all the problems by trying it out on a debugging website, but eventually I realised that using this topic could wreck my repository listings projects at any time in the near term. Now, before I tell you more about the difficulties of using PremiumPress topics, I'll tell you how PremiumPress designer Mark Fail harassed all of DirectoryPress's paying user and other PremiumPress topics like ClassifiedPress and ShopperPress etc. and plundered their hard-earned investment dollars in purchasing these topics.

These two points are so appealing that anyone can choose to buy a WordPress plug-in or topic that seems good and useful. Everyone wants to buy a lifetime upgrade free of charge item. I was very dissapointed after buying the themes because this themes had several errors and many of its modules didn't work 100%.

By September 2013, when I was visiting the PremiumPress website, it seemed to me that a new release of DirectoryPress had been released and I could take a look at the demonstration. It was a bit of a surprise for me, because this was not a DirectoryPress demonstration, but it was a demonstration of a new PremiumPress offering named "Responsive Directory Theme".

It immediately became clear to me that it was a Mark Fail ploy to bill PremiumPress subscribers for additional moneys. This is the first outing that a plug-in or topic designer has done. In the PremiumPress forums I said that it is not right to stop the ongoing process of your current products used by hundreds of millions of users and launch the same products with a different name.

A PremiumPress representative hit me nicely and replied: "Responsive Directory themme is a totally different item and has nothing to do with DirectoryPress. However, the real situation was: "All PremiumPress clients had been cheated". Allow me to give you a simplistic example: Let's say you are using the famed Ultimatum Builders Lifetime Update licence.

You use this design to use WordPress to create user-defined layout. One year after the sale, you learn that the owner has halted the ultimatum and launched a new build topic, Ultimatum 1, which has 95% of the Ultimatum feature and says Ultimatum 1 is a completely different item and current Ultimatum 1 shoppers must buy Ultimatum 1.

If " Ultimatum " has not been designed instead of designing a new Ultimatum 1 work. If it was not possible to bring an existent solution to this standard, the developers must have provided a free update to existent clients. A year had gone by, I revisited their website and noticed that old topics had been taken out of the front end.

When I saw this, I signed into my PremiumPress login and found that there was no DirectoryPress updates since October 2013. A year without a major upgrade; this means just that the item is not maintained and its evolution has been discontinued. Recently I contact them to verify whether the old framework's evolution is being halted or whether it is being evolved.

This is the answer from our technical supporter, confirming that they have successfully betrayed old Frameworks clients. I had to work for an hour when I was installing the themes to get a fundamental adjustment to the themes, as the theme's front end is not at all user-friendly (it looks strange and sophisticated, though).

Once, when I upgraded the design, my WordPress data base was damaged. Furthermore, it is not simple to migrate offers from the old to the new responsive one. A lot of people have no choice but to hire a web designer to move the site from an old to a new one.

It'?s about destroying the trust of a thousand faithful clients. Please all those who are reading this article, please tell it, please tell about this scam in their blog and forum, so that developers and founders Mark Fail could see that he was mistaken and he should update the licenses of all current PremiumPress frameworks user.

I don't want that for myself, because I think there are better alternative to PremiumPress topics that are now available on the opener. Update- The old frameworks now seems to be gone. to his old clients. He' s gone. This dude has dropped all his cred, so the old frame is wasted.

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