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Supposedly PremiumPress topics did not receive updates of one year. Each topic is focused and optimized on a specific market or application. The PremiumPress offers Premium WordPress themes that can help any business look more professional and work smoother online.

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The PremiumPress is a content supplier specializing in WordPress content. Each topic is focussed and optimised on a particular target audience or use. PremierPress themes help you set up your company quickly and simply, whether you need to set up an Auction Site, Directories Site, Web Communities or one of several other dedicated websites, with 24/7 case management.

Topics available: Launch your own AuctionPress website with AuctionPress, perfect for small or mid-size market niches or to complement your current website. The CouponPress solution will help you build your own on-line voucher site with built-in printing voucher, offer and deal assistance that is perfect for affiliate sites. ClassicsTheme will help you build your own SEO-friendly classifieds website, perfect for small or mid-size niche market.

Sales your product, service, digital download (e-books, songs, etc.) or connect your product and service with ShopperPress now. Launch an on-line web listing or classified listing with membership, thumbnail views, reciprocal link, promotion and more. Build recessed closed-circuit television sites that are perfect for public/private viewing, tutorials, or educational sites with our MoviePress theming.

Agentpress turns WordPress into an on-line advertising website that can be used by any kind of advertising company, on-line audience or dated website.

Payment stack HQ/wordpress-premiumpress-paystack-gateway: Turn paystack into an optional feature for a premier news topic.

Using this plug-in you are able to use Paystack to pay for a premium press topic. A pop-up will ask you to verify your wish to do so. Once the plug-in has been installed, it is activated. Preconfigure your __Paystack premium themes gateway__ your keyboard configuration as described on the page.

Then click on the "Upload" link and then on "Select file" to choose the zipped version from your computer. After selecting, click "OK" and click the "Install Now" key. Enable the plug-in. Set up your own configuration of your Application Programming Interface (API) keys under Application Programming Interface (API) Key Options under Payment Stack Weather. Then click on Click Next Make Payment Order Click on Make Payment Order and create a form. Click here to open a hover card with more information.

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