Prescription Emollient Cream

A prescription softener care cream

The emollients are moisturizing treatments that are applied directly to the skin to soothe and hydrate it. Plasticisers are often used to treat dry, itchy or flaky skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and ichthyosis. The Sorbolene Cream is a universal moisturizing cream that is non-greasy, cheap and available in large quantities without a prescription.


The emollient is a non-cosmetic moisturizer offered in the forms of cream, ointment, lotion and gel. The emollient helps the epidermis to become more supple and less pruritic. It keeps the epidermis hydrated and supple and helps to avoid cracking. Cremes contain a blend of oil and mineral oil and make you feels soft and fresh on the face.

They all contain a preservative and humans can be susceptible to them, although this is not usual. Salves can be very oily and some folks find them cosmetic inacceptable. But because they hold very effectively moisture in the dermis, they are suitable for very dehydrated and thick skins. A lotion contains more moisture and less oil than a cream, but is not very efficient in moisturizing the area.

Relieving detergents do not froth, but clean the epidermis just as effectively as other soaps. Replacement soaps can be used either before taking a dip, taking a bath, taking a shower or a wash, or in warm soaps. Everyday baths remove impurities and deposits that can cause infections. A number of nourishing bathtub oil products are available, which can also be used in the showers, either on a pad or before rinsing, on the whole bod.

Relieving bath gel is also available and your family doctor or nurse/pharmacist can inform you about the available bath product ranges. When and how are emulients used? Use softener after bath while the moisture is still enclosed in the scalp to maintain additional moisture. Avoid rubbing it up and down as this can cause pruritus, obstruct the follicle or generate more warmth in the area.

What emollient should I use? Choosing the right softener is a question of trials and errors, so the best softener is the one that you or your baby likes to use. You should be able to consult your general practitioner, registered nurse and/or chemist about the various available treatments, and you can find more information in our emollient fact sheet and emollient catalogue, which will give you a guideline to the available treatments.

Plasticizers are not the same as moisturizers. There are some formulas that leaves more oils on the skins than others, so it can be a trying experience that best fits you. The proper use of enzymes can decrease the need for topically active steroids.

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