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Press75 was founded in 2008 and is one of the oldest thematic stores in WorldPress. Press75 was founded in 2008 and is one of the oldest thematic stores in WorldPress. Schuller has been operating the site for years, and according to the list it was once a half million dollars a year store. And Jason's been away from the themed store for some now. On the Flippa list, Jason reported that the actual sales are about $5,268 per monthly, with very low costs.

Turnover, however, appears to have declined significantly as it has concentrated on other activities. It' s unfortunate to see another rather celebrity themed store for Sale, especially one with so much story and so far track record. It' s natural that Jason is looking for new things with new enthusiasm for him, and I wish him good fortune.

Again, just as I felt with DevPress, I wish there was another way to achieve this than a live sale on Flippa. Hopefully, as with DevPress, someone from the WordPress fellowship will take it up and make Presse75 blossom again.

Press 75 Review: Make a love to her, make a hatred to her or do both at the same time!

Press75 was founded in 2008 by Jason Schuller from Seattle and is known for its videos and photos. Last February, according to an interviewer, he said that the first topic he ever sells was a videotopic ("video flick"). Following this great achievement, he added three more videos and kicked off Press75.

Whenever I sign up with a WordPress administrator or make a new design, I groan a little because I have the feeling that it's something I need to do now, not something I want to do. At the beginning of last year I even tried to make some really "simple themes", just to see if that would slow down my hunger for something refreshing, but in the end I felt honest as if I was just laying a tarpaulin over all the garbage in the backyard.

There are two Press75 choices - a one-year or a lifepack. Either way, you get full control over their topics. Anything. Anything. Since Press75 is known for his Videothemen somewhat, we begin with it. Whereas topics began as simple miniature views associated with pages of movies, they have certainly overcome that.

You can, for example, create a "Series" movie under different channel in the Serial topic. You can see, for example, in the screenshots below that I am on the second movie in the 3- Videoseries on the Action Channel. You' ll also find things like integrated movie gallery in some topics.

In addition to the videos, there are topics that are categorized as audiovisual topics, commercial topics, business topics, magazines, photo topics and portfolios. A lot of topics have a dual function in these catagories. There are only 9 appealing topics at this time. Whilst there is no frame that generally covers all Presse75 topics, and there is no way to generally pull and undo all of the artwork using the Drag &Drop feature, various topics will have other functions that are specifically for their use.

Seeing as these uses are sometimes very different (e.g. a movie topic vs. a forthcoming topic), the functions are also very different. There are a number of themed sites that take full benefit of third-party plug-ins. Overall, Press75 has some great functions for things like movies. Certainly they are more than a standard topic in this area.

However, there don't seem to be many extended functions that you could wish for in a "normal" topic. Honestly, there are some things I like about the Press75 topics, and there are some things I don't like very much. Overall, the topics generally have a tendency to have a deep or severe look.

If you look at the Massive Press topic screenshots below, for example, you can see that each image on the title page has a small number in the edge that indicates the number of commentaries. The one thing you can say for Press75 is that they are not scared to be brave with some of their styles.

Here is an example from a small section about serialclips. When we concentrate on the lower part of this movie, there are a number of things here that I don't really like. At first the movie is displayed as if it is seated in a kind of groovy.

For me at least it seems a bit like the artwork from an outdated videogame. Below are a few topics to give you an impression of what Press75 has to offer. Some of the topics at least involve the deployment of third-party plug-ins. There was another issue - a smaller one, but one that was repetitive on a few topics.

Writing in, I asked if there was something wrong with the subject. Next was released, and it was repaired, but then I saw the same problem in another topic. When you miss it in one, and somehow you might use a pattern to launch another topic, then it's not difficult to miss it in another.

In order to test the performance of some topics, I ran some of the demonstration topics on the Press75 website via Google PageSpeed Insights. A lot of topics never seem to touch this line. Of the topics I have tried in the past, I would say that the Press75 topics I have tried may have been slightly above the average.

Here is the outcome for the topic video-focused series. Here is the outcome for the Blocco themed.

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