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The plugin can be used directly with the shortcode[presspage] or the supplied page-press.php template. This is the fastest way to create a press page on a Wordpress page.

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It uses the following GitHub project: You can use the plug-in directly with the shortcode[presspage] or the provided page-press.php templat. There are two options for the short code; if it remains empty, the standard sizes of thumbnails are used. Optionally, the width and hight can be set to determine the dimension of the image.

Normally the presetspage. config files define the width to 830px and the hight to 256px. You can change these in your custom style sheet by specifying your width and width in the #makeMeScrollable ID. You can use the short code [presspage] or the example of the contained original in your design. How can I use that besides the press?

You must modify your style sheet either in your design, in a childs themes or through a style sheet in your dashboard using a plug-in like Jetpack or My Custom style sheet. Here is the standard CSS used by the plugin: position: relativ; display: block; float: left; margin: 0x; padding:

Width: 10%; Height: 100%; Position: absolut; × × z-Index:

Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Newswire Press Room

Newswire's press room will help you create a fully optimised press room on your website. Equally important, it will help you publicize and spread your press release around the globe. PRESSROM ARE creating "pin style" contents pads that take type faces, colours and fashions from your website, but the layouts for your PRESSROM ARE infinite.

Complete oversight of these blocs is ensured by a straightforward user surface that lets you select background, color, borders, header, footer, and more. PressRoom Preferences provide a custom view of your page in a single touch of a button, allowing you to modify any part of the page, even if you modify contents columns from pen styling to anything you can think of.

Best of all, each of the blocs you build becomes a wideget available for use elsewhere on your website. Most of the times and the money spent to benefit your website, your shop, your sevices or your commodities to agents is squandered if you don't have an easily findable and easy-to-use agents press room page.

Correctly styled press rooms work for you around the clock to make it easier for others to review the things you want to encourage. How can you benefit from using Newswire's press room? Newswire's press room has 8 user-defined posttype interface options to help you create perfect formatting information for your press room.

User-defined mail type does not substitute your current new mail or page interface, but rather complements it with new but trusted interface for the creation of trade press editorials. This new interface makes it easier for you to build 8 different block styles for your PressRoom. Naturally, you can make as many of these blocs as you want to organise your contents the way you want your users to find them.

The PressRoom will help you create the ideal press information that you can publish on your website and forward to other message pages - free of cost - in one go. Press Relay Generation Tool adds the following functions to your press releases: The PressRoom makes it simple for you to download pictures from your website.

With the Image Album user surface, you can view your pictures, include pictures of people, products, corporate brands, etc., on your press room in a merry-go-round, while giving your customers the opportunity to click to download full-size pictures. Press-Room makes it easier for your website's traffic to get involved with your community sites.

Besides easy Like, Tweet or Google+ Button you can use this surface to integrate your Facebook Plugin, Google Badge, Twitter Timeline and much more into your press room. Those blocs of societal media create believability by showing the levels of your societal commitment. Those blocs can display extra societal information to your users and let them contact you directly on your PressRoom page.

The PressRoom makes it simple for you to place all your embedded contents in your press room. Using the embedded pad section, you can place video, embedded video, embedded Twitter (Google+, Facebook plugins, Twitter timelines, etc.), etc. in your press room so that these files can be viewed and downloaded with a single click.

With PressRoom, you can easily place offers from executives in the right form on your website. Quotation block interfacing properly formates quotations from your clients and allows you to download the quotation with one click and an attribute hyperlink. Gain complete visibility into the history of your business and its offers by delivering citable information to the blogs and reporters who access your site.

The PressRoom organizes the hyperlinks you want to show in your press room. You can use this simple user experience to build a list of e-mail accounts in your organization, link to ratings, or any other web site within or outside your site. The PressRoom makes it simple to exchange information about your press area.

Contacts now contain the possibility to load pictures. Contacts block interfacing will help you formulate your contacts information with the correct schema mics. By downloading this information, you can be sure that web browsers will recognise this information for what it is - names, adresses, telephone numbers, etc. - and not just casual chains of it.

Contacts can also be download as a card or as plain text by site viewers. The PressRoom makes it effortless to place anything else you can think of in your press room using the Text Pad Maker. It works in either HTML or visible modes, so both the occasional operator and the coding professional can insert anything they can think of into a PressRoom group.

The PressRoom makes it simple to view a listing of your latest press announcements that is easily accessible to your readership. Using this UI, you can create a PressRoom pad, white board, and shortcut that can be used to create a page, each with a miniature of the primary picture used in the press release, the press release heading, and, at the user's option, the date and location of the press release. PressRoom can also be used to create a press comment.

All press announcements produced via the plug-in and press announcements posted on other sites for the first time can be used. You can use the navigation to choose the number and order of press announcements to be shown.

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