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Wonderfully minimalist WordPress themes for photographers, artists and businesses. FREE Business Press is responsive, versatile, SEO-friendly and fully customizable WordPress theme. It' a free version of the Business Press Pro theme.


Press, your new one-stop store for everything related to WordPress and blogs. If you need a new design for your blogs, want to help migrate your website to, or just want to find a blogger fellowship to teach you, we have you. Em>press was founded after our founding partners spend years creating high-quality, customized web sites for some of the top brand blogs.

Now we offer you the most popular designs based on our own coding frameworks. Receive a nice look that is completely individual to the touch at a fraction your cost. Yeah, we're thrilled, too.

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When you want your forums to look good on all types of platform - whether mobile phones, tables or the desktops - one of our premium responsiveness topics is a must. There are also large rebates for members or only for larger quantities - all described below.

Members have some great rebates on all the free bundles of topics that come with their memberships. Think about it - your subscription also gives you full acces to our personal help and consultation forum and our code of conduct full of details and help. There are still some great bulk purchase rebates if the full subscription is not for you, as shown in the following chart.

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Gain a fully branded company web site that's up and running quickly, with a look and feel that matches your business. Create vibrant, engaging home pages that present messages and promote surfing. Bring the right person, information, and process to the right user with easy-to-use navigational and authoring resources. Thanks to fast responding and adaptable functions, Confluence looks great in the field, at home or on the road.

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StiftungPress - the ultimative WordPress launcher topic based on Foundation 6 by Zurb.

The FoundationPress theme for WordPress is built on Foundation 6, the world's most sophisticated mobile-first frameworks. The FoundationPress is a free open resource program for everyone who uses WordPress to build Web sites. And, of course, a big thank you to all the gifted Zurb developers and developers who have provided us with the world's most progressive mobile-first web cradle.

When you find FoundationPress useful, it would be great if you would twitter about it and start the Github projects so that others can find it and help. Sass and Grunt are used in the work. You can see every foundation unit in operation in the model for the sinks. The Foundation is the professionals option for design professionals, development engineers and design team.

WorldPress is by far the most beloved CMS in the word (currently 38% of the web). They can have the neatest mark-up without compromising the usefulness and performance of Foundation. As your equipment grows bigger and bigger, you then create a more complex tier for a fully reactive look. Million of creators and developpers rely on Foundation.

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