Prestashop Language

Praestashop Language

Use the list box under Add / Update a Language to select the language you want to add. Then click Add or update a language. The PrestaShop adds the language to your website. It' easy to add more languages to your PrestaShop website. Select the required language in the Import a localization pack section.

Using PrestaShop to work with multiple tongues

With PrestaShop supporting tens of different language versions, it's simple to internationalise your store. Explains how to create a new language for a PrestaShop setup and how to switch the language. If you want to create a language in PrestaShop, perform these steps: Login to PrestaShop as an admin.

Click Localisation on the top toolbar, and then click Translation. Use the drop-down menus under Addition /Update a Language to choose the language you want to use. Then click Join or Refresh a Language. The PrestaShop language is added to your website. Also, you can perform these actions to upgrade a language that is already on your website.

In order to display a shortlist of the currently available localizations on your website, click on Location in the upper toolbar and then on Language. Once you have a language up and running, you can make it the new language for your store. Perform the following steps: Login to PrestaShop as an admin.

Click Locate on the top toolbar, and then click Localize. Choose the language you want to use as the new standard language for the store under Configure in the Standard Language drop-down field. It is also possible to specify the house language, timezone and other localisation options on this page. More information about PrestaShop locale setting can be found at

How to Manage PrestaShop Languages

It' easy to simply browse and browse your PrestaShop website and create additional language versions. You have to log in to the administration area of your website and go to the International > Localisation area. Select the required language in the section entitled Imports a locization pak. It is also possible to select which contents you want to include with the language.

States, taxes, currencies, languages and entities are marked by standard. It is also a good idea to decide whether you want to use the package information downloaded from the PrestaShop website or used in the localisation directory of your PrestaShop install. When you have selected your favorite option, click the Import icon.

As soon as the package is in place, you will see a notification that the localization package has been successfully implemented. When you want to administrate the currently available language (s), simply go to the International > Translation tab. Verify, refresh, export and change translation of your language.

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