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Only a few numbers to help you choose Premium PrestaShop templates. The Prestashop Themes Shop is the best choice for your e-commerce online store. Create your shop with just a few mouse clicks und establish the confidence of your customers with a professionally designed shop!

Create your shop with just a few mouse clicks und establish the confidence of your customers with a professionally designed shop! 92% of web surfers give top priority to the graphical layout of their business to reassure people. With our ready-to-use themes, you can increase your sales by creating a recognisable look that meets your product and your customer's expectation.

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The PrestaShop Multipurpose Responsible theme can be used for any type of e-commerce on-line e-commerce venture you can think of, whether it's a clothing or parts shop. Our PrestaShop layouts can be toggled between 5 languages: You will find our sample install file in the Downloads area. Once the install is done, your artwork will look exactly like our demo.

PrestaShop guides you through the PrestaShop installer, templates installer, and other website customizations. Simple slide show controls to show pictures of your product on the home page. In addition, the items are now shown in the basket with pictures to enhance your exposure and boost your revenues.

The PrestaShop eCommerce solution is a set of pre-designed PrestaShop eCommerce tools that run on the PrestaShop eCommerce engines. PrestaShop artwork includes the data, pictures, modules und documentations to help you build a fully-fledged e-shop. PrestaShop themes allow you to change the look and feel of an on-line storefront and help with linguistic localisation.

And if you're still unsure whether PrestaShop is an eCommerce option for you, here's what we'll tell you. PrestaShop, an open resource trading system for on-line trading, is used free of cost by over 100,000 e-shops around the globe. Offering a remarkably wide range of functions, this piece of softwares will make your business a real hit!

Of course, a well-groomed and high-quality shop must be designed to distinguish your PrestaShop among the others. - Ease of setup - it has become incredibly simple to setup, refine and customise our PrestaShop themes, thanks to highly specialized set of instructions that provide detailed step-by-step instructions.

  • The PrestaShop engines offer several functions for presenting your products: Instant view, popup image of your item, badges, carousel of your item, YouTube video description and so on. - Comprehensive purchasing functions - PrestaShop enables the sorting of store articles via the Merchandise sorting function and the Ajax Merchandise filter. Consumers can store the articles on a wish list so that they do not forget the articles they want to buy.

While we could have added a few more functions to this list, we want our product to talk for itself. Don't delay visiting our PrestaShop topics to choose the right solutions for a permanent webbase! In order to build a PrestaShop-based store, you need to do the following:

First thing you need to do is select a suitable domainname for your on-line business. In order for your web site to work well, you need a PrestaShop host. Make sure your e-shop works as it should by downloading the latest PrestaShop on your host. The PrestaShop is open sourcecode, so you can get PrestaShop 1.

If you have a question about installing and customizing PrestaShop, you can use the PrestaShop Knowledgebase. It' s a simple selection as there are a large number of topic areas available that are suitable for any kind of projects - from face-to-face to work. Have a look at the PrestaShop flag ship themes with the highest level of craftsmanship and high-end features.

Eveprest is a versatile PrestaShop topic that fits any e-commerce venture. There is also an absolutely Molotok hits topic for storing tooling and instrumentation. Please also take a look at the range of additional PrestaShop related service offerings: PrimeĀ SEO Pack - Template Tuning Template will help you to boost the visitor volume of your website and turnover via your favorite network.

Quick Start eStore To Go Quick Start - our eStore team installs and customizes your eStore, configuring your payments, currency, shipping, taxing, etc. Setup - our Service Center will completely setup your new shop within 24 hrs of receipt of your host login information.

Elementary Site Maintainance - our templating tuning staff provides you with a complete 6-month website support with a wide spectrum of features. Velocity Booster - our templating tuning staff will optimise and accelerate your website to increase the conversion ratio and help you get a good seach rank. Add your own brand ing - our Service Center will integrate a customer's branding into the submission within 24hrs of receiving the host login information.

The PrestaShop plattform has a number of different tools to extend the original features. Those very powerful enhancements are used to customise the websites of an on-line shop. PrestaShop module are generally programmes that use the PrestaShop functions to make the eCommerce search engines simpler to use or more customisable. Take a look at the PrestaShop module you can use in your shop:

The TM Mega Layout allows you to adjust the 3 section (hook) page design on the website homepage and make your own custom partitions. The TM Product catagory is intended for viewing individual product, individual product from a catagory or all of them. The TM Mega Menu Modul allows the creation of advanced menu items.

The TM Advanced filter modul enables a fast searching of your filter according to its functions. You can also create a filter with the limitless number of standard items available in the shop or added when your items are added. The TM HTML Contents Engine allows the integration of HTML contents (image, HTML, link, etc.) It is used to extend the layout possibilities and adds advertising / information blocs to your shop.

The TM Lookbook Engine helps you to build your own lookbook and to combine them into a collection. You can see the product in action or directly on a product with a Lookbook. The TM Related Product modules shows similar or related items as the ones your customers have been looking for on the site.

The TM Fashion Feedback Engine integrates fashionable feedback from your website so that your website users would see your latest fashion reviews. The PrestaShop Quick Start Guide provides more detailed information in the PrestaShop Getting Started Guide to help you quickly and easily set up, modify and upgrade your design.

When you have already selected a PrestaShop style sheet, you can use it to organize headers and footers links. Concerning the contents, you can always administer new, introduced and specific items in your on-line shop. Nice pattern. Prestashop works well. Installing it is as simple as can be. Prestashop has no bugs in the latest releases. Product and category are well displayed.

Thanks to Prestashop, management is quite simple. The template works well with many third-party module providers. Topic comes with a menus that stays at the top of the page as you move down. It is a great way to present your best product in an engaging and engaging way.

There are several colour palettes to select from in the templates, i.e. the colour palette to create a sense of atmosphere, draw people' interest or make a message on your website. Every times a new item is added, this information is retained intact. With this function the website becomes more information intensive as the visitor gets all necessary information about the products at once.

The " Instant Review " icon will appear when you move the mouse over the picture of the products. When you click on it, a pop-up opens with a live overview of the products, where the purchaser can immediately get details about the offer (including descriptions, videos, photos, ratings, icons and what not). Bottom scrolling miniature views of products are very useful, especially if there are 10 or more photographs of a particular one.

This add-on eliminates the need for your customer to go to the article page every single day they want to see a bigger article picture. The only thing they have to do is click on the picture of the finished article and it will appear in the pop-up area. You can use the badges on your eCommerce website to display the state and value of your items.

You can share YouTube video on the home page of your shop to give its users a more rich multi-media viewing. Using this sleek, touch-sensitive jQuery image zooming plug-in, users can magnify and detail product images. Wish list allows your clients to specify which items they want to buy or which will be bought later by someone for them.

If your clients are able to store your product on a wish list, they are more likely to recall the product they liked. If you are a shopkeeper, you want your clients to purchase related goods or parts from the articles they select. Not only will you enhance your surfing experiences by providing similar or complimentary offerings, but you will also boost overall revenue.

Make reordering easier by allowing your shoppers to categorize their favorites into uniquely identifiable product groups and see how your shoppers keep returning to your business. Allow your visitor to determine which supplier to select by browsing the complete listing of vendors, wholesale dealers or distribution partners of your current brand and product. Enhance your e-commerce experience by giving your shoppers the opportunity to purchase two or more single product packages to help them reduce costs depending on specific needs (e.g. discounts on items).

With this function, your user can select the required items much more quickly. All you have to do is enter the trademark of a specific item or word in the query box and the system displays the results. Built-in built-in rejax filters reduce your users' waiting times and help organize your produce in seconds.

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