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Freshida paints a beautiful picture. This list contains both free and premium themes. Simply create a beautiful, chic blog with Blossom Pretty free WordPress themes.

fifteen+ free female WordPress themes 2018

WordPress topics appear like a descriptive vagueness. Contains flower and rose colours? Now, some of the best female WordPress themes actually contain these items, but we recognize that the term "female" has different connotations. How about the Modeblog, which demands a touch of simple and stylishness?

How about the female-run companies that need more professionally managed topics? That' s why we have put together a wide range of WordPress themes in a feminine way to fit all your base needs. Read on to find out more about WordPress themes with a subtle femininity note. If you want even more choices, take a look at our 30+ range of the best women themes.

Often, with womanliness, comes fashions, and that is exactly what this topic is all about. Appealing layouts work well on all machines, and high-performance design choices are great for you to upload your logos, change your typefaces, and change the style of your website. With your order, you will receive your own free set of plugins, which means you don't have to install a new one.

Downloading your favorite pictures from Favoricon is a real plus, but the real highlight is the sleek look on the back, which focuses on your pictures. Have we already mentioned that this topic is free? Adelle WordPress adopts a female attitude, with rose coloured rings or blisters at the top of the page.

Most of the other themes are pretty mediocre, but you'll find that most themes in female styles use the soft backdrop of whites with top and bottom styles in blacks. It' s easy, with a long blog roll to show off your latest posts, along with a columns to present your Widget. This is the purpose of this topic - not to impose too many feature from the beginning, because the developers know that you can later include your own plug-ins and plug-ins.

This Mary Kate themed, by Angie Makes, is one of the most lush female themes on the schedule, and it looks like a prime topic as you can find it. This probably has something to do with the fact that you can update to a higher level if you really like it.

However, the motif has a minimalistic backdrop of whites with blues and roses. A free and reactive choice that provides a stylish and sophisticated look for any businesswoman or women who wants to blog. This topic works well with some of the most widely-used plug-ins on the web, such as JetPack and Pinterest RSS.

Kalon WordPress themes have a touch of a marriage themed, but you definitely don't have to use them. Overall, we like the austerity and refinement, as it offers some whites and pinks to preserve the female outdoors. The one thing you will be noticing is that your search engine is packed with search engine searches.

Moreover, the head picture is adjustable so that the upload of a large picture for your blogs only lasts a few seconds. And another thing we like about the Kalon WordPress topic is that it has an appealing look. This topic is suggested for photographers, naturalists, artists, designers, lifestyles, lovers of clothes, baby, children or wedding, but we also like it for blogs who just write about their daily work.

This Kalon WordPress themed has a multitude of widgets and widget-areas that basically turn the main end of your website's website into a nice drag-and-drop interface. What makes WordPress so special? It is also noteworthy that thread commentaries are there for the chat with your user and clients after they have commented on your post.

Together with user-defined background and some interesting colour schemes, the Kalon WordPress themes are a sound option for a more sophisticated design. If you are interested in building an on-line site that is well suited for photographs, marriages, birthdays or other areas that may need a female twist, try Elegant Pink WordPress.

Overall, the elegant pink WordPress topic has enough functionality to make it pretty much any kind of blogs. Its highly reactive character is useful to boost your overall sales performance and show your clients that you are ready to help them when they are on portable equipment.

There is a large picture in the head area to explain what your site is about or to list an activity. They also have the option to overlay text and button in the headline to be implemented as a call to act. They are displayed at the top of the page and work as a widget so you can easily modify them at any time.

What's really fun about using them is that they eliminate the need to go out and get other third-party plug-ins. In this way you can get folks to join you on your way to following your way on your way to online content without having to spend too much cash or slow down your website with an added plug-in. Your company is branded with the brand of your choice in the centre of the headers.

Design is fully reactive and nicely displayed on equipment of all shapes and size, resulting in a better portable viewing environment for your users. Fully integrated with WooCommerce, which makes it easier to set up and run your own web store as part of your WordPress-based blogs. Or you can customize and view a "about me" Widget, along with a private Photos area and community link, to strengthen your private label.

Every review has light-weight socially shared icons to promote and enhance the socially shared experience of all your posted music. Designing how to socialize as easily and uncomplicatedly as possible is the way to improve these off-page socials that help improve your site's SEO and keyword ranking.

Anima's themes are pre-packaged with a sleek, fast-loading roundabout for your entries. Annissa comes with a beautiful bright tinted head picture, but you can also post your own 1600 × 420 px head picture. Or you can set how the design will display your headers and how to load your log files.

In addition, you can use Annissa to choose the colour of your headline and your backdrop colour, although the original schema will definitely help to improve Anissa's optimized appearance. Annissa provides two menu options, one for main and one for secondary use. The Pashmina WordPress topic is perfect for you if you want to experience vibrant rose colours and nice raster images.

What's really fun is that the emblem is in the center of the headers, but directly underneath, it jumps over a headers and flows directly into all thumbnails. This is a great set-up because you get a Pinterest styled look that allows you to quickly see the kinds of blogs and portfolios you have posted on your homepage.

In addition, the title of the blogs are displayed below the pictures. The Pashmina WordPress design should also be useful if you are susceptible to the use of a widget. The Pashmina WordPress themes include some nice visual style buttonms. They' re more colourful than the mean knobs you'll find in free designs, and they go well with the female colours you'll find right under the logos.

User-defined colours are available throughout the entire topic; if you don't like the standard colours, you can modify them. As well as thread commentaries, fantastic translations and multi-column views, the Pashmina WordPress topic offers almost everything you need for a beautiful blogs. Silk Lite WordPress offers an exceptional number of functions for a free WordPress application.

It is primarily intended for operating a nice blogs or magazines, so you can set up a trendy blogs or magazines within a few moments. What makes it really awesome is that all blogs are similar to Pinterest, so they can be clicked on and thumbnails can be viewed before they do.

Colours go well with the whites, while type is more sleek than some of the other themes we've seen on the page. Attractive layouts are something that will help you with your user, as the head area provides space for a logotype and slogan. Its purpose is to create a collection album with your pictures.

I think it goes well with the female item because many of the colours are brighter. This does not mean that you cannot modify the colours, but the standard styles are definitely aimed at you. Olsen Light WordPress topic is a CSSIgniter people' workaround. Looks more like a prime topic as you get articles like your favorite style features, different postal widgets as well as gorgeous monochrome brands for a contemporary look and feeling.

Places the logotype in the top center part of the headline, and then the menus are directly below. Your blogs will all be featured through the center of the page, but you can also add a widget bar with a rush of Widget's to go around.

On of them is primarily for the conversation about yourself and the personalization of the blogs so that folks have a little more confidence in you. All our blogs are formatted with great images, great typeography and plain colours, so we love the way they are formatted. Its design is fully tailored to the needs of your visitors who view your blogs on the go.

SKT Girlie Lite WordPress topic says a great deal in the name. It is a topic developed for females only, as it offers many images and some brighter colours that would be ideal for mode blocks or life style magazine. Directly below the head area is a number of thumbnails.

The interesting thing about this topic is that it works with some of the most beloved plug-ins. Overall, the SKT Girlie Lite Design has an unbelievable featureset for a free one. Juliet gives your WordPress blog or website a look that's sexy yet flowing.

It is an excellent topic for life style, clothing, nutrition and personnel training websites and includes a classic colour chart. The Juliet is encoded to be light, free of useless diversions and quick charging. WooCommerce is easy to integrate with this area. So, if you are planning to include an on-line store in your blogs, you will find it relatively easy with the free WooCommerce plug-in.

Jouliet provides some stunning viewing and configuring through the WordPress Customizer. It is also possible to modify your head and back colours. Immediately after unpacking, Jouliet shows the headline and tags of your website over a picture. If you wish, you can replace the screen with one of your own, which you can load from the "Header screen" Customizing screen.

As an alternative, you can avoid this completely and use a text only headers. Irrespective of whether you choose the full width or the side bar design, you'll find that your blogs are clean and without the disruptive mess of visually that water down the effects of your prime contents. There is also a more comprehensive Juliet Premier Edition.

Premier Edition provides a number of functions that Blogger may find useful, such as more viewing choices for your headers, a "sticky" view of headers and navigation segments, a title page mail slide, and simple integrating of YouTube and Vimeo videos. The Sugar and Spice, a favorite free WordPress topic, offers a smart and classy female topic for those who are interested in publishing information about a marriage.

Customize your themes to your liking, with functions for uploading your favorite and your favorite logos, and numerous colour changes. Modify around the nice wallpaper and choose from the three layouts so you know that your website is totally inimitable. Its sleek design adapts to all trays and cell phone models, making it a less tedious undertaking for those who try to view their photos on the go.

Although the main feature of the subject matter is that it offers plenty of blank spaces, you also get cut corners and some pale blues and pinks. You can use the two-column format to present your blogs or to create a homepage for your company. It' s about highlighting your own unique history with a customized cover, gravatar, and link to your favourite online sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You can use the convenient mail format to make your contents look great, and include a customized drop-down menus to take users to your most compelling work. Standard colours are dark tan colored off white and pale grey, and modular layout is one of the most original on this page, with a fun about wetget to tell you what your site is about, and a link bar to mingle things up a notch.

This Cleuf WordPress themed is a free and nice choice if you are in the look of a female outfit. Pale rose and violet colours are accentuated by floral motifs and expansive type. You can use the slide bar to show your hottest pictures and even place call to trade on them so you can get your audience to buy your product or your message.

WooCommerce is supported by this topic, so that you can offer articles via your free website. It' s as nice as any other great thing you'd find in a high end topic, and Google Maps' short code makes sure your clients find your business when they need it. The Sorbet site provides a fun look for female blogs and even for those who want to get away from the repetitive nature of WordPress professionalism.

Blues and reds give the design a certain amount of added spark, and the arrangement of the two columns is always simple to adjust and modify as needed. Our aim is to make your contents appealing with the help of colours. Secundary information is beautifully hidden in the headers, so your visitors can go into the headers when they want to view the navigation pane, seek bars, or see your people' interests.

This free subject has a masonry-style design that is known to attract interest while still bundling some contents on a unique page. Commentary and pinching are all contained, and the female note comes from the colours spread throughout the page. Deploy many customized broadgets for collaborative online interaction, share category, and view the latest stories.

Every post will lead to large, periodic blogs, but you can also easily make them all brief and fast by trying to convey a little information without your reader having to click through. Remember that the free WordPress topic is totally reactive and the small moduls look great when applied to mobile phone or tablet.

A free and neat fad, Bandana uses a few lighter tones to help your blogs or websites stand out from the crowds of other fads. You know with rose left and lettering that your website will make an impact because it blends these colours with it.

User-defined backgrounds work miracles on fashion pages, and the pictures presented look amazing when you load up high-resolution pictures. Women's issue is a kind of interpretation that is willing to reach those who do not know your name. Fiore's WordPress signature uses classic colours, so you can move away from the contemporary colours found on almost any website on the web.

Design is relatively light, which means that your pages will be loaded quickly and you should have no problem with inconsistent plug-ins. The design fully responds to the display on smaller monitors, and the headers contain a sleek floral picture that further enhances womanhood and sophistication. Felice is about staying your clients up to date while your actual website is set up in the back.

When you are planning to launch a female-looking website, this is a great free way to inform your audience about your advances and sending them information about when they can look forward to seeing the new construction. There is a progression indicator along with the topic to show how long it will take, and a soft key indicator transmits everyone to your best soft pages.

And the best part of this easy topic is that you can use the e-mail subscriptions forms to collect e-mail accounts and update users' mailboxes. Colours, as you might think, are aimed at ladies, with bright blues, pinks and whites....

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