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All of our portfolio sites are packed with smart privacy controls: Highlight projects as private to protect them from the public. The Doodlekit is an online website creator that can be used as a website builder for children. It' free! And you can even use your own name. Website creation, site maintenance, advanced template creation and web site hostings are free.

Now you can quickly and easily build a website for free. These include state-of-the-art graphic design and professionally produced contents created by our experts. Now you can select from literally thousands of advanced layouts created by web pros.

Simply apply and begin construction. Begin selling via the web and win new clients immediately.

Children Website Maker

Doodlekit is the most beautifull, fastest and most progressive website utility of the times...... At the moment, Doodlekit is the best available web site creator on-line...... The Doodlekit is an on-line website creator that can be used as a website Builder for childrens. As a result, only trustable people can post messages in the boards of your children's site.

The Doodlekit is a great children's website builder that allows youngsters to discover how to build a website while at the same time giving some rest to their mothers. It' s high-performance back-end data base provides your website with sophisticated features no other kid website maker can offer. Photo-albums - Infants can post pictures of their families, buddies, holidays, travel, etc.

Children can also write a description for each photograph and then add certain key words to it. Blogs - Children can get a starting point to learn how to blogs! Children can also stay in touch with each other. Forums - Worry about the safety of your children's website? Don't you want outsiders to post things on your child's blogs or view your own pictures?

It is a high-performance children's Web SiteMaker with advanced safety features in the website forum and album pages. Using these safety features, you can restrict which of your child's website visitors can sign up and make images available only to authorized registrants. If your kid asks for his own website, what do you do?

For parents, the first issue is whether your baby is old enough, ripe enough or otherwise accountable enough to create a website. However, this is just one of many topics that you as a parent need to address in conjunction with your baby and all the new technologies out there. You' re already weary enough to deal with your kid's requirements for the latest iPhone, Gmail, his own Facebook or Twitter accounts, or even his own Google+ccount.

Indeed, many 6 - or 7-year-old youths have created their own socially responsible account without their parents' knowing. And there are many free web builders, bloggers and web site hosters out there that allow your child to use without the advice of their parent. There is one thing that is certain, and that is what computer literate little ones are today.

Nowadays, who knows how to create something from the ground up with HTML or C++, but the parent or even the grandparent? And your children have no clue what it's like to go into the folder of a C disk to run the correct *.exe executable in order to run their favourite game!

Therefore, your kid will get along best with a user-friendly GUI like Doodlekit. You can even register for a Doodlekit website and try it out for free. You' ll soon suspect that we have the best website maker for children, easily learnable and understandable.

And, above all, not every single one of the parents is computer literate, so that Doodlekit is simple to use, comprehend and even supervise for a relative who knows nothing about computer. Â What we say is that our web builder and web hosting solutions is both an adults and a children website maker. Giving your fingers up to setting up a children's website may be the most important thing to do to ensure that your children are safe from obtaining or publishing inadequate information.

And the good thing is that when you start setting up Doodlekit, you don't have to be concerned that your kid will come into direct communication with or spread information that is not appropriate. The reason for this is that you can ensure that you are always mentioned with your child's website as an admin or co-admin.

If you are an admin, you can see everything that is published in the blog or forum or on any page. Provide your children with identical rights to all pictures, video, text and other information. If you choose to turn off your child's website, that's also an opt.

It' not simple, but the security and well-being of your baby is definitely high. When you are creating or approving the creation of a children's website these days, it needs to be simple and seamless to link to online community content. That'?s exactly what Doodlekit does. A few mouse clicks onto your button and a few cut-and-paste keys will get your kid immediately in touch with his or her favorite online community, be it Google+, Facebook, Twitter or the like.

Today half of all websites for childrens is the possibility to connect all their online sites to one place. Because your kids' activity and conversation takes place on Twitter and Facebook and Google+, a website that doesn't bring these dialogues together will at best be a frustration for your kid.

Another added bonus over a children's website maker in your hand that connects your child's online content with each other effortlessly is an asset to you, the parents. Maintaining all the web sites your kid has through his online content account can be scary. The Doodlekit makes it simple to monitor your child's online content.

Enrolling your baby in a Doodlekit website creates just one place to go to keep track of most of your child's online calls. First of all, create a children's website. Secondly, use all the easy-to-learn Doodlekit utilities to include all your child's online content into their website.

Essentially, this will place Facebook, Google+ and Twitter all in one place (on your child's homepage). So all you have to do is memorize one web site or add a marker to keep track of all your child's online content.

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