Producer Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Producer Theme

Beat's is a big & bold, user-friendly and responsive WordPress theme designed for music producers, record labels, DJs and bloggers. WordPress music producer theme for music producers, music groups, private albums and singers as well as podcasting websites. Breathtaking WordPress for filmmakers, producers! WordPress The Producer is a film oriented topic for studios and production companies.

Producer is a WordPress theme for studios and production companies.

Producer: WP Theme by weMOLITOR

WordPress The Producer is a cinematic WordPress theme for studio and manufacturing work. Provides a one-of-a-kind scroll pane effect as well as a classic credits scroll effect. It'?s an excellent topic! No absent tenant here, you get help from the design-- CHRISTIAN, what a subject! The problem find feature did not appear on the Customize page.

Corrected a problem with viewing videos on the home page. Corrected a problem with viewing videos on the home page. The problem with showing titles on categories pages has been solved. Adapted release number to prevent conflicts with the same topic. There was a problem downloading societal symbols. Fixes a problem when downloading scripts. Small problem with extracts in the slide control of the homepage solved.

The problem with the rate of the loan role has been resolved. Added text instead of text to the head of the home page to use a movie item. Added Find Toolbar on/off heading item on/off. Added WP Theme Customizer functionality - supersedes OptionTree theme settings.

Eleven great WordPress themes for your DJ & Producer

Is a WordPress theme really functionality for a music-based company or service offering? The WordPress topics provide you with a great way to build a custom website that has a professionally designed yet stunning look that you can administer yourself! The use of WordPress topics for musicians, dj' and band members means you don't have to spend a ton to hire a designer to administer your website - no programming skills needed!

One more great thing - WordPress topics give you incredible versatility and open code communities to work with. Find out how to completely redesign a WordPress site - and discover the following topics! Disclaimer - This website obtains client referrals from businesses and related product referenced on this website. The Eprom is a high-quality WordPress theme options for any music-related website.

It' s fast, so it looks good on all your equipment, and it' s customisable in every way - pages, colours, type, contributions, background. It' simple to use and has some great functions tailored for groups and record companies like Event Manager and On Page Player. Plus, WooCommerce is prepared if you want to launch an e-commerce shop!

As well as fully customisable pages, text, colours, etc., the photo/video artwork is ideal for promoting your product and has a player, event manager and works well if you're interested in community outreach. Have I mentioned that IronBand also contains hyperlinks to big iTunes and sites - it makes it easy to sell your songs?

Take a look at Iron Band here. If you like a sleek, neat look with a variety of customisation choices in the back end, jam session is a great choice. This is an impressing, fast-reacting theme that has been specially developed for musicans - and is definitely something to look at. It' s WooCommerce styled, has various play list choices, galleries and even a special discography page.

And with all the options for reformatting, you'd be amazed at how many different looks you can get with this design! This is a great theme for every musician and producer in every category - from solos to music, classic, pop, hip pop and everything in between. There is a pallax options and a 3-D menus so the screen is sleek and nice.

WooCommerce is the perfect tool for your event management. The Event Manager is simple to use and has a beautiful look, and the theme is WooCommerce prepared - ideal for your event management needs! And, as a website publisher, you really can't be beaten - pages and postings that are fully customized, along with a tactile slide show, widgets, shortcuts, and any networking site you can think of.

Because MusicPlay is a topic that cannot be ignored. There is also a gooey sound box and a great screen page for discography! Muzak is the place to be if you are looking for an all-inclusive theme. There are several colour themes with fully customisable pages and widgets, and it is also WooCommerce compliant if you want to launch an e-commerce shop.

The best functions of Muzak would be the Event Management System, the TrackListing System - they integrate your event management and your event management system. The Replay is a prime musical theme that is specifically oriented towards musical performance, but is particularly suitable for producer use. Its minimalistic charisma focuses on your musical and event highlights.

Featuring an audio player, an album cover slide control, and an event manager to complement the beautifully customized pages, postings, and broadgets. The Soundboard Theme is a easy but powerfull choice for your volume or your website site. It has a statically adjustable backdrop that sets the site apart from the rest and offers clear viewing choices for images, video and discography.

Are you looking for a one-page website to use? For you Vocal is the topic! Featuring multi-sided or single-sided screens, all fully customisable to make the website that' s right for your tape or record store. It' s interoperable with MailChimp and community based content delivery systems, which is great for online advertising; and has great eventlisting capabilities.

Opening up the WordPress theme universe is a good way to make an impression on your public - and even expand your following. Make sure you always use designs with high programming defaults, and keep in mind that a good design is always agile and works well with other plug-ins. They can always look for other topics that may not be explicit to the musical community, but can readily be turned into a musical site with a few plug-ins and user-defined codes.

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