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Mattheo Gentile - Industrial design. Washing machine with raised design. There are 10 great blogs for product design. For those who want to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of industry design, there are some great product design blogs. Periodically refreshed with high value items, this is one of the most favorite design newsletter resources on the Internet.

Through the creation of a smooth 5-minute movie to help you resell the concept, we have the ability to provide our own name to preorder a product before it becomes commercially available.

Several very interesting drafts find financing via this website. Webmagazine with samples of the best design from all over the globe. Primarily focusing on consumables, it also deals with technologies, architectural and design issues. Focusing primarily on eco-design, innovation and idea, it is a focussed and very interesting work.

This is a great inspirational packaging for jams with great produce. It' also rewarding to visit Behance for inspiration: whether you are a product developer, graphics artist or filmmaker. It' not necessarily a design site, but if you don't already, I strongly suggest you sign up for an affiliate site.

It' an enormous source of source of inspirations, with a very elegant quest that allows you to select any of the genres you desire for pictures. This is a design blogs I've just come across, but I immediately became hooked on it. State-of-the-art, high-quality products with excellent pictures and videos. You will also need to visit the Engineer Vs Designer page of SolidSmack.

Provides more access to items and suggestions in a professionally way. An amazingly brave website that doesn't leave any questions unanswered that you are on a design website. Contains all sorts of design items from all over the globe. Also, ditching a little lower the website is an excellent source of resources for locals to buy design companies, event and product.

This is a great source of inspirations, novelties and product information from all over the design community. Contains article about product design, architecture, industry talk, arts, photography, merchandising, illustration and more. It' not necessarily a design website, but a great place to treat yourself to your inner self. Enjoyment the writers fantastically nonpolitically accurate opinions about what kind of product, video and technologies.

The purpose of this journey and lifestyles blogs (of yours really) is to divide all the great adventure that makes liveable and hopefully inspire others to their own adventure. It is my belief that these adventure and experience mark me as a designer and my desires for the years to come.

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