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Topics are created by our in-house design team, especially for professionals such as therapists and life coaches. Ensure that all our themes are compatible with the most popular Internet browsers. It is important that your website performs well for everyone who visits it.

Use website themes or templates?

There is no point in paying too much for an individually designed website when you don't need it. One of my customers, you pick your own website topic from over 80 themes available at, and I'll make it happen for you. One topic is contained in your starting price and all topics can be adapted to your personal needs.

Please click here to search all available topics. When you can't find a topic you want from ElegantThemes for an extra price of $120, you can pick any WordPress topic from ThemeForestand. I'll buy the topic and deploy it for you. Use website themes or template? One of the primary reasons to use website templates or themes is because they are much more accessible than an individual website look.

To get a professional website customized, many individuals are paying tens of thousands odds. Except if you are a large business, you probably do not have the money to buy a professional-looking, customized website. There were not many website layouts to select from in the past and most of them did not look very professional.

With many new developer and designer to create premier themes for website plattforms like WordPress, small business and individual looking for affordability in website solution can acquire professional themes and artwork that can be deployed at low costs and still deliver professional results. A concern that folks have about website submissions is that they won't be able to adapt the submission at all.

Elegant Themes designs can be individually adapted to the needs of your website while the website itself is already designed. The only thing you do is select the topic and convey what you want on your website. ThinkStock. com has licensed me to give my customers easy and professional acces to thousands of professional stickers for use on your website.

Search through billions of professional floor pictures and select the ones you want to use on your website. The majority of website builders demand that you make professional floor pictures available or paid for. ThinkStock' pictures show 13,000 results for "handshaking." Each image is available in high definition and can be used in any format on your website.

One of the most important things about your site is your company name. Your website visitor will see the logotype on every page and it conveys a certain standard or professionality (or the opposite). Once your subject matter is realized, I will customize the logotype for you to fit your website name or company name.

This will look like the logotypes you see in the above themes. However I have been spending my own funds to find great graphics artists with whom I can work to offer you a great professional branding choice at an accessible cost. Please find more information on my logotype services page.

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