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With TheProfessional, the goal was to create a sleek and simple design without all the additional features on the homepage that some people don't need. Professionally One of the most compelling topics is Professional, which is best suited for companies, event, magazines or other types of blogs. In principle, you can optimise this blogs for use with your website. There is a high-performance and well-designed slide control, a display area, some breathtaking motion throughout the site, cross-browser capability, multi navigational menu, full-width page layout, footing Widget area.

Profesional has already been localized into Spanish, French & German (German).......

Let's make WordPress themes that just work.

Creating WordPress themes that simply work. We have satisfied over 49,793 clients since 2007 with our professional WordPress themes, carefully crafted and encoded. Our themes are kept quick, safe and flat-free by using WordPress best practices and encoding standard and always working with integrated functionalities where possible.

That makes our themes very simple for you to use and adapt. Every one of our themes is conceived for a specific goal and is aimed at being best-in-class for that goal. By specializing - and not just an inflated topic that "can do anything" - we can concentrate on the functions and add-ons that make our topics the best you'll find.

WordPress topics come with detailed documentations, and if you need help, you have immediate recourse to our Lead Builder for specialist assistance. It is a topic for magazines that is suited for video games, movies, music and other websites for magazines. Experts provide assistance through our Lead Engineer. We are here to help you with quick and effective e-mail assistance directly from our Lead Engineer - who knows the issues by heart.

Each of our themes are professional in design with a high level of awareness of the detail that will make your website popular. Specialised topics that make a work really very good. You get a design that was developed for a recess - it really does the work well. Such specialisation allows for more detail than is possible with generalistic "all in one" topics.

Topics that work with WordPress. Our themes are all WordPress compliant with the latest release of WordPress and work with WordPress by using built-in functionality - instead of screwing functions together needlessly. Supports your favourite plug-ins. Our themes are designed to work and fit into the best WordPress plug-ins. Subjects related to sites that want to be found by searching machines.

Their website will profit from our topics according to best practices SOE. Detailed dokumentation available. Our extensive documentations cover all our topics. We are a highly experienced WordPress designer and developer group. Previously, our Lead Developer was Director of Web Developer for one of the biggest web sites in the globe.

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