Progressive Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Progressive Theme

We' re also going to present a nice and high performance progressive WordPress theme showing important aspects of the team, such as Progressiv - Multipurpose Reaction Template from WpWay_ Important: Progressive - Multipurpose reaction templates are not Wordpress topics! Introducing a basic and practical "Progressive" pattern. The Revolution Slider is free and can be rebuilt according to your website.

7 plug-in updates to the latest versions: "Slider Revolution ", "Layer Slider", "Royal Slider", "Isotop", "jQuery Scrollbar", "Masonry" - 4 plug-in updates to the latest versions: "js ", "Masonry", "jQuery Scrollbar", "jPlayer" Update plugins: - Update 7 Plugins to the latest versions: "Knob ", "Video. js", "Isotop", "Slider Revolution", "LayerSlider", "BootstrapValidator", "jPlayer" - 2 Plugins upgraded to the latest versions:

Javascript jQuery - True Javascript kernel javascript libraries - truly rendered icons package with scaleable graphics for neat and flawless display on all machines. The HTML5 Shiv - allows the use of HTML5 cutting tags in older versions of IE and provides fundamental HTML5 style for IE 6-9, Safari 4.x (and iPhone 3.x) and Firefox 3.x. CarouFredSel - is a plug-in that turns any type of HTML tag into a roundabout.

The TouchSwipe - a Java plug-in for use on iPad, iPhone, iPad, etc. applications. Choosebox - user-defined substitute for chooseboxes, inspiration from the UI sources of iQuery. Javascript / Canvas-based Blur implementations. iQuery Appear - jumpQuery plug-in to call a feature when an item pops up. iiQuery Setting - a GSGD jumpQuery plug-in to provide extended Easying features.

The Easy pie chart - is a Java plug-in to show basic motion pies for only one value. Isotopes - an excellent jump plug-in for magic layout. jump Knob - beautiful, downwards compatibility, tactile, jQuery dialling. jump Sparkline - this jump plug-in creates spark lines (small online charts) directly in the web browsers from files that are delivered either online in HTML or via jump script.

stellar - is a jQuery plug-in that provides para-lax scroll effect for each item scroll. The Revolution Slider plug-in offers a variety of advanced transitions, an auto loader, auto play that will stop users from interacting, embedded videos, and many easy-to-set custom effect creation settings. js - HTML5 Movie Player Build Status. jQuery Slider plug-in - is simple to use and multi-functional jQuery plug-in that can support all webkit-based portable touches such as iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android.

Important: Not Wordpress topic! None of the graphic contents (theme identities, logo, images, etc.) are contained in the theme master files and are only used in the demonstration versions!

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