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The Nexus is a versatile free software website template that you can use for all types of applications, SaaS and other technology-oriented projects. Templates for the Project keyword. Project - Multi-purpose template Styles swingers widget, which is used on the web site lived previews, it is NOT contained in the downloaded pack.

Project Multipurpose Template is a statical HTML website template, it contains HTML pages, HTML pages and HTML plug-ins. Project - Multipurpose template is NOT a topic that you can use with WordPress, Drupal or other CMS. To use this template, you must be comfortable with HTML, CSS, as well as is.

Pictures used on the web site are for demonstrational use only and are not part of the downloadable version. Please back up all your data and your website before updating. Please back up all your data and your website before updating. Refresh your current website only if you want to use the new pages and functions.

Please back up all your data and your website before updating. Important: If you plan to upgrade your existing website, please refer to the Typography section of the document.

Fifteen HTML Web Site Templates for Your Next Design Project

One of the most interesting things about HTML-only website template is that they are very adaptable. When your web development capabilities are high enough, you can turn such a template into a design for any CMS, applying it to a user-defined site Script with unusual architectures, or using it as with a small stationary website.

It is the most diverse and offers a selection of appealing template choices for every possible theme and website typ. They are all 100% fast reacting and easy to use. The Modicate is a multi-faceted website template that is crammed with a variety of professional-looking pages. No matter what kind of website comes to your minds, make sure you can create it using this appealing template, whether it's a blogsite, a corporate website, a shop or something else.

That' a terrific template. In this way you can realise a multitude of different project - everything is possible. We use this template for the office of the accountant. The template offers an extended choice of pages, flexibility and state-of-the-art features. You can easily adjust all pages. As a small website agent from Germany we would like to say: Once again a great work.

Take a look at this look! It is also simple to use. Thorsten L. Great topic that can be used for any project. W. This Futurist model impresses with its unusually arranged areas of contents and progressively enhanced pictorials. The template includes a gooey drop-down drop-down and back-to-top buttons, both of which are intended to enhance the navigational experience of your prospective website.

Love the movement of this template and the easy way to change colors and images. A great template for the presentation of works and simply great for working. The ADRIANNA J. Bellissimo is an excellent website template, designed with a strong emphasis on large image-based areas of contents, hand-drawn illustration and italics.

Originally developed for coffee shops and restaurant use, it provides a range of utilities to help you present your menus in a stylish way. Developed for a highly competetive car manufacturing market where requirements are high and every detail counts, this fast-reacting template is ideal for a wide range of applications. The impressive styling is entirely built on large-format, fast-reacting imagery and shallow background, which are well thought-out throughout the entire lay-out.

This is an unbelievable opportunity to find an excellent web site for you. We will use it for an aluminium profile website, its HTML data is really simple to edit, the sources and the style sheets are very well organised, so that any personalisation adaptation required by our customer can be carried out without any complications.

Designed for small sites where the focus is on ease-of-use, this fast-reacting template is designed for small sites. However, thanks to the handy multi-level mega-menu, it is easy to scale and allows you to quickly navigate as many pages as you want, without compromising your website's navigation capabilities. Because the Google Map widget in the bottom line can show an infinite number of site markups with extra information, this template is ideal for businesses with multiple locations, such as branch locations or (of course) shipping providers.

Stylish pictures, clear geometrical forms and hand-written type make Hydroangea the first choise for any website. The reactive template has a clear, central lay-out that can be used both as a corporate website gateways and as a landing page to help drive your best offers.

Hortensie features support for wallpapers and stunning art gallery images, making it easy for you to add rich web experiences to your website. Developed for the photographer, digitally artist, and other creative professionals, this minimalistic web site template is ideal for the most demanding users. It comes with 5 ready-made colour patterns that allow you to change the appearance of various designer items with a single click.

It also has a gooey drop-down list that guides your users through your website efficiently. The Architec is a highly reactive HTML template that has been developed by professionals for a variety of companies including building, architectural, transportation and others. Contemporary contents with oblique contours give the designs a feeling of speed.

The template comes with a selection of ready-made pages so you can create a fully-fledged company website by simply adding your own text and images. The Yazeed S. Awesome Template! For me the most important thing was the colour theme, functionally searchable forms and on-line chats. I would therefore definitely commend this proposal.

The Bernard S. WDU Savior has an innovating graphic info-style look that makes your website stand out from the crowd. The wealth of animation, pop-ups and animated parallel motion pictures creates a deeply immersive virtual adventure that will delight any user who visits your website. Web site template designed for transport businesses.

The template enhances the Lazy Load effect, which not only conserves your resource by downloading only small parts of the contents at once, but also beautifies your website with nice insertion features. Celley N. This template is all about creating high end movies. Front page wallpaper is a full-page wallpaper with superimposed navigational elements, soft keys and invitations.

There are 5 colour themes to select from to make your website easy, but the real strength of customisation lies in the ability to upload your own material, which is a matter which takes just a few moments. There' no other template that allows you to completely customize your website by just modifying two items of the theme.

Great overall template - wallpaper videotape is a allure! The reason I decided on this template was because it's easy to use and has a really beautiful look that provides the wallpaper. It' s a easy setup, but the wallpaper changes the look all over! I' m mainly a web designer and webographer.

Using this template for a customer who has a recording session, I went to her recording session to create a set that served as a backdrop, and she simply felt in love with her new web site..... But if you really want to personalize and modify this template, it's not the simplest, but it's rewarding to work on, because in the end the look is beautiful and neat!

In this fast-acting website template with classical layouts, clever typefaces and advanced cursor effect, Jonathan B. combines user-friendliness with perfect visuals. Initially conceived for sites with naval themes, its well-chosen colour scheme also makes it a perfect match for fashion-related sites. The template is fully reactive and comes with slide controls, parallel effect and contacts.

The EPA is a perfect template for web sites on environment, renewable energies and other renewable technology. It can also become a beautiful backdrop for any industry or company website after a simple adjustment. A sleek blend of slim styling and semitransparent picture filtering create a sense of professionality and creativeness.

The template is for charities, so the website needs to attract your interest. This is not a worthwhile project and I don't get much cash, but I did enjoy working with the template. I' m a web designer and I use an environment template for my customer.

It' really simple to fit in. YouCV is a complete web designing software package for the photographer and videographer who wants to create an amazing web experience on a small scale. Everything you need to create a professionally designed website that is capable of presenting your work in the best possible way.

This state-of-the-art template has a multi-layered backdrop with a breathtaking motion flash effect. A further detail that deserves particular emphasis is the galery previews with triangle tiling. Hopefully, you will be impressed by the attractive designs we have made available to you today. Take a look at them to fill up your designer box or just to keep your imaginative muscle in form.

Please do not hesistate to leave a message and inform us about your next web project. Where will you be using your latest designs and technologies?

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