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How to use Prophoto for your WordPress website

Being a web designer/blogger, I am always busy with topics and frames. There' also Weaver Pro, a great topic for novices, or of course - you can outsmart and break any of the WordPress default themes. More and more I am believing that Prophoto - a WordPress application initially developed for high-end photographers/bloggers - is now my entry-level application for anyone who needs a simple web site or blogs.

If you have a Prophoto, a questions or a dilemma, you will get a personal answer within a few acres. Do you know that your Prophoto Dashboard contains small lifevests and information keys that will help you immediately? Unless you want to be informed about the latest release of your WordPress topic (and you should be, because obsolete themes are susceptible to attack by malware), Prophoto will update itself when you sign in.

The Prophoto has installed in light boxes, these are galeries that have a nice look and a popup-effect. The Prophoto also has a built-in slide show feature that gives you full creative freedom and full controls over the appearance and transition of your photo. If you want to see lightboxes/slide shows in operation, visit For the Life of Me or Skoda Designs or MJP Studios.

When you are a Craftsing or if you are a Nutrition Blogs, only the built-in grid is valuable for the ProPhoto prize. This is a big advantage for many of my customers. Using regular styles in all my Prophoto themes, I can make as many adjustments as I need - all in a clean area that won't be overwritten by upgrades.

Integrate your phone with your own personal phone number, phone number, Facebook integration and custom call action buttons. The Prophoto has all the classic plug-in functions integrated, plus include call to Action button controls for your favorite sites, as well as recommended button controls for your site. Pull out drawer and sides. Prophoto's characteristic sliders are ideal if you want to show a great deal of information on your homepage and don't want your side bar to overload.

These act as four distinct side rails that appear each time a user passes through the tabs. Furthermore, Prophoto's menubars allow you to "slip out" pages instead of navigation to a new page. There' a place for a user-defined digital sign, a service panel, a place where you can place your analysis key, button and Widget Picture creation tools, auto resize, built-in antispam message box, password-protected pages, favoricon, FB previews, additional wallpapers, sidewide option for your pages... should I continue?

It'?s a good prize. 00, but never again will you struggle with poorly encoded themes, too many plug-ins, or poorly supported. I' m a specialist designers who teaches how to be their own webmaster, I enjoy sharing Prophoto with customers, I enjoy designing with it, and of course I enjoy using it.

When you are a customer of mine and have Prophoto, it is useful to notice that Prophoto 5 has just been released, and so - some very nice new functions!

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