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I've just gone from using paper leaflet logs to index cards to outdo myself. Inside Excel Link Prospection Template. Save the score in the Excel sheet itself or print it by hand and vote for it.

Easy Excel spreadsheet for logging and tracking potential customers.

It is a basic Excel table that I use to record information about potential customers that I don't want to add to my B/Ds CRM (mainly because we use RedTail and multiple consultants have the same information). This is the last bar I use with a encoding system to tell me the next move, e.g. post or call or whatever.

It is recommended to save this template and then make a copy that you can continue playing with until it works for your special needs. When someone is good with Excel, please include anything you think is better and upgrade to an enhanced one. For your information - the Excel application I use is a little different because I have modified a few things according to my own wishes, for example I have added a postcode only columns.

However, to reply to your query, I just went from using hard copy prospectus protocols to indexes to outdo myself. When it comes to free CRM, my greatest worry is my job to ensure reliability, I appreciate, because I take note of my Excel spreadsheet for potential customers. Use my Google glossary account and feeling very safe; once a sqtr or so I exported everything to my remote hard drive to create a back up for highest level of protection.....

Everybody was all right as long as you were making the phone call; but I really like Zoho.... I really do. Using a table to keep tabs on my everyday work. is the date.

And who has a good Excel table to keep up with the latest developments?

Are you tracing your call? You can keep tabs on your telephone conversations to see how well you are doing when searching by telephone. Following your unannounced telephone conversations will also help you gain an insight into how many telephone conversations you need to make to speak to a potential customer, make a booking and make a purchase.

This, combined with your running account, will help you better grasp and gamble how to increase your revenue and your territories. Follow up your call history with phone numbers, contacts (speak to the contact), dates you' ve reserved and final phone bookings. Tracking hot calls: Using an Excel sheet, make sure you tell it something you're going to recall or that has something to do with the particular campaigns you're running.

Business, contact, name, date of call, call, contact established, meeting booked, sale completed. Note column (optional) - Normally I insert something here when I'm talking to someone or have something that makes me remind myself of something later. Using number 1 in the column where I track, I can list the amounts and create the stats I need to identify various metrics such as phone conversations to distributors or meeting with distributors and others.

You can see from the example of the spread sheet (click on the image to get a complete view) how many phone conversations or business meeting you need to make a sales transaction by tracking them. So as such you can probably find out what and how much sales is for you and from there, try to figure out how many phone conversations you are likely to need to make to meet your numbers.

As you know, you need to increase your company by $400,000 to reach the target (please be aware, try to surpass the target - avarage is not cool). When your avarage selling is $10K, you need to make 40 new sells. Aware that you generate an average of 1 revenue per 5 phone conversations, you need to make 200 phone conversations to increase your company by $400,000.

All this information can be obtained by tracking your catch and seeing your sale figures. Another thing that you can realize from this is how many phone calls you need to make a day in order to grow your busines. Because you need to make 200 phone call to expand your company, you need to make one call every 1.2 mdays.

What you can see here is that it' really a numbers game. What you can see is that your company really is a numbers player. Follow your results and schedule your work.

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