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Free publication of the website

To publish your website with HTML Kits We are in the process of translating these pages and will publish them as they become available. Launch HTML Kit, and then open your web file or your work. This displays the Add FTP Server dialogue field. In the FTP Properties page, in the Server addresses text field, enter your name. Enter example.

com, for example.

In order to store the login code for future logons, activate the Store login code flag. You do not need to re-enter the passcode each times you log into the FTP accounts if this item is checked. Enter a name in the Display Name text field to help ID the FTP link. You can enter, for example, where the user name is your own user name and is your own Domain Name.

Establish an FTP link to the webhost. Right-click the FTP site that you just established on the File pane, and then click . When the logon is completed successfully, the File tabs displays the latest file (s) on the web browser. For uploading to your website, right-click the target folder on the File pane, and then click .

In order to make your web pages publicly accessible, they must be located in the folder pub_html or a subfolder below it. Choose the file(s) you want to upload to the Web server from the Choose file(s) to upload dialogue and then click Open. If you want to choose more than one folder, keep the Ctrl button pressed while clicking Delete.

HTML kit copies the chosen file(s) to the specified target folder. Please see for more information about HTML-Kit.

Volume 2: Publish your website | HTML & CSS Tutorial

Too bad if this website only remains on your computer and could never be viewed by anyone else. Therefore, we will now be learning how to publish our website online. Please note: There will not be many people visiting your website from the beginning.

If you don't tell your website tell your friends, they probably won't find it. Do we need to be able to see our website on the web? In order for our website to be found on the servers, we need a web site storage location and an email adress ( username ).

A number of different servers are available for you to hire. We' ll look at some of the ( free ) hostings. Netlify is my latest favourite. Please type in your e-mail adress and a username. As soon as you are signed in, you can easily pull your whole web file (your portfolio file) into the provided area.

If you want to publish a new copy of your website, open the Deploys window and just drag the directory into the field with the text dragging and dropping your site folder in it. It will come a while when you will want your own domainname like . All you have to do is to register a domainname (with any kind of domainname registrar).

Netlify offers free webcasting. If you have an own adress, you can link it to Netlify. For this purpose, go to Domains, Add customized domains in your Netlify preferences. GitHub is a good option for website hosted if you already have previous experiences with webcoding. The GitHub is a plattform to simplify the cooperation between developers.

When you save your website to GitHub, you can either link GitHub and Netlify to publish the website, or you can use GitHub pages, which are GitHub's own web site host.

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