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Get more dates. With 3DM Publisher on site, you can publicize your 3-D content (Mobile, Oblique, Indoor, UAS, Terrestrial) from your desktop server and easily collaborate over the Web with web browser, portable device, viewer and integration into your business or client workflow. 3DM Publisher consists of a server software installation (incl. Manager Console), a web client (flash or HTML5 based), as well as available plugins in Esri, AutoCAD Map, QGIS, Geocortex and AutoCAD.

3DM Publisher comes with an easy-to-use on-line configurator panel. 3DM project, base maps and other GIS information into "publications"; enables users, groups of users and their profile to be controlled; enables logon-free publishing; enables usage tracking; enables customizable Web pages, XY or photoname connection; specifies URL, username and password connection.

Orbit 3DM Publisher includes a web client for accessing web pages for streets cape/panoramas, UAV-Nadir and diagonal images. Use any web browser to share your common 3-D map information. You can use your username and username to see, browse, superimpose, measure as well as retrieve. For the 3DM Publisher on site, two different web clients (Flash-based and HTML5) are available.

Gain insights into inclined perspectives and positions with real-time information on floor space. Superimposing the picture section is the perfect way to navigate: concentrate on pre-defined positions while you zoom and pan. Enhance your visualization by changing the picture lightness. Define your own views structure. You can also retrieve the contained Metaadata of your portable mapata.

Share your vendor information with your customers along with your portable map data. WFS service in the publication. Customize elevation for 2-D files. Controls the viewing penetration of the video files. Supervision superimposition Transparenz. Dynamically superimposes the point cloud, if available, over the moving map picture. On the basis of the point cloud, one click is all it takes to perform a measurement on the images.

The HTML5 web client provides a complete 3-D point to point scatter plotting. Simply browse through a terabyte of point cluster information. Acquire and retrieve 3-D information from any 3-D LiDAR or DSM point source from air, exterior or interior mapping. Customize an object finder for layer vectors or a geometric coding finder plug-in.

Administer several years of portable card information. Place yourself on maps and slant maps using the synchronised Over position. Snap your diagonal photo and simply store it. Choose the optimum slant for each angle of view. Ensure that the four diagonal picture previews are synchronised and track your location and zooming in. There are several smart measuring features available to the operator for exchanging information.

Easily capture and analyze your Oblique, Indoor, Mobile and UAS mapping publication information.

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