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Launched Affinity Publisher Beta - try it for free. Affinity Publisher free beta now available! Following millennia of customization, we are pleased to announce that our Affinity Publisher is now in full testing and free for you to try! We' re still a few month away from the launch of this first major update, but we'd appreciate it if you'd try it out and let us know what you think.

It' a betatas - there will be flaws and areas of the application that are not fully worked out yet. It is not recommended to use it for important manufacturing work at this stage. It is the first one. Maybe we won't install it before the launch of v1, but as with our other applications you can count on many free upgrades.

We' ll have a deeper level of interaction with our other applications (see Personal Buttons!), but we'll need to make a photo and designer upgrade before this works - we'll let you know when.

The Affinity Publisher free version is available now!

It' an exhilarating one for affinity enthusiasts and designer who are looking for ways to optimize their workflows, as the free Affinity Publisher release has just been released. After the Affinity Designer launches a few month ago, Affinity Publisher is now available to Mac and Windows customers for free downloading and testing - an iPad release will be available later.

Affinity Publisher is a professionally designed wallpaper application that allows people who own all three editing widgets to create your own design and image in one place. Affinity Publisher's advent has been a long one. A number of people have been pounding their hands in expectation of the introduction of Affinity Publisher since 2016, so it will be some relief to know that the first release of the software will be available later this year.

Three Affinity applications, this bunch of Affinity applications will allow some to turn their backs on Adobe's Creative Cloud. "In the early stages of visualizing the Affinity series, we've already designed an unrivaled line-up of slim, ultra-modern applications designed to work with the latest technologies - ultra-fast, breathtakingly powerful, and totally flat-free," said Serif Managing Director Ashley Hewson.

"This is the last stage in realizing that the first ambitions will come with the introduction of Affinity Publisher. It' a completely new application that we believe will revolutionize the way desktops are published just as much as Affinity Photos and Affinity Designer have revolutionized the way professionals edit images and create graphics with vectors. "Exclusive features of the DJ Studio creatives includes enhanced typographic choices, associated text boxes, masters, and face page spread.

In addition, the user can also work with dynamically created picture borders, spreadsheets, baseline rasters and associated ressources, all of which are supported by a continuous CMYK. When Hewson launched the application, he wanted to point out one thing: "It's a betas, so there will be flaws and areas of the application that aren't fully refined yet, so we don't suggest you use it for important productions at this point.

"Betatesters tell us what works and what doesn't," he says. Although we don't install them before the launch of the 1 edition, you can count on many free upgrades, just like with our other appe. "Upgrades include button switches that allow Affinity Publisher publishers to switch between photo and designer.

Even though these badges are visible, they will be enabled later in the alpha phase. We are sure that we will welcome updates on the start of Affinity Publishing's betas outside our current team. However, with the publisher's promises on the horizon, this could be why they've been awaiting to leave the boat and get Affinity.

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