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I switched to Publisher because it's supposed to be a good one for a portfolio (I'm a journalist and copywriter). Publisher Templates - Graphic Design & Ideas Bring your creativity and inspirations from our most favorite publisher masters. Originals contain high-resolution archive photographs and graphic images and are ideal for use on a colour print head or colour wallpaper projector. When you' re limited by budgets and deadlines, or just need new ways to get things done, our professional -looking design guides can help you get started.

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Theme:: Describes how to build a portfolio in Publisher.

I switched to Publisher because it's supposed to be a good one for a portfolio (I'm a reporter and copywriter). I' ve made a new page in the Portfolio section and want to let them see examples of my work (mostly in full size). I' d like to subdivide my portfolio into different sections, e.g. features, news, interviews and so on.

Would it be better to use contributions or pages, and why? I also just tried a test page where I put a sample version of a document, but it seemed like a hyperlink that I don't want - I want my users to actually see the document. It would be great if someone could give me advice and maybe show me his own portfolio section so I can see what is possible.

I need help with the help group. Hello, if you want to use Publisher as your portfolio, I suggest that you use Contributions and use the Homepage Template as a place to present your work. Every post you make to your website will appear in the Homepage grids as well.

They should have JPG or PNG pictures that you can specify as featured ones. The Featured Image allows you to specify an imagery that represents each of your contributions (or portfolio items). As soon as you have added all your portfolio elements and defined a picture for each contribution, you have a beautiful compilation of your works on the homepage raster.

When creating portfolio section, you should divide your contributions into appropriate subsections. Then you can add a submenu with these subcategories. In fact, you can even set up a drop-down list where the top option is Portfolio, and then the submenu options can be your portfolio category.

Thing is, I don't want my portfolio on the home page - that's for my blogs post. I have all my other contents already on the site and am pretty pleased with it, but it's just the portfolio that's the problem now. Please put it on another page that is accessible via the menus and not on the home page.

Could you also tell us why contributions are better than portfolio pages? I don't want to make them public for my supporters - just to make them public when I put a certain individual there, so I'd have to adjust the preferences every single turn so they don't make them public. Which are the advantages of post v pages?

Concerning the pegs, I want to make sure that folks can see the whole story I wrote earlier in the shape of pages scan from a journal - wouldn't it take a lot of pegs, which a pdfs wouldn't? How do I build a portfolio in Publisher? is locked for new answers.

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