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networking publisher With the plugin you can automate the posting of your blogs to your favorite networks. Display the state of your blogs on any community site - whether the entry has been posted, when it was posted, etc. Keeping your supporters, follower and links up to date in your blogs is automatic. Allow your visitors to develop, post, and like your blogs to their Twitter and Facebook follower-pals.

Extend your blogs coverage and conserve your precious resources by having the plug-in post your blogs - auto-generated. All you have to do is link your page to your leftalpha page and all your postings will have the link "Posted by LinksAlpha". "Network Publisher" is open resource publishing application. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

User can now choose a network in which the article can be posted in the Post/Page Editor. User can now specify whether picture or movie attachments will be added for all subsequent postings from the plug-in preference page. Add help to republish contributions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by hand. LinkedIn group and added now.

You can now specify the per posting ability to append images or videos to postings posted on Facebook. The Network Publisher preferences page allows you to see the publishing results. You can define the page type of the Facebbok permail base. People can now include messages in their Facebook and Link-In messages.

User can now include Twitter Handle and Twitter Hash in their post. User can now choose the picture resize to include in their post. You can now specify the domains of the partially tagged picture URL for tagged pictures using the user-defined box. Displays a warning on the Network Publisher preferences page when publication via the plug-in is inactive.

Users can now specify post types that can be posted. Additional Facebook language option, Facebook/Google mail type, Facebook App ID, custom field picture. Needs updating - 10+ more network added to automatically publish your blog posts across different network.

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