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The Comp titles, interchangeably referred to in the publishing industry as "comparative" or "competitive" titles, are a shaky industry. Latest news, videos and discussion topics about publishing. News, announcements and interesting information about international book publishers, authors, digital developments and more. Daily indispensable reading for the publishing industry. It was time to end the repression work and put research first.

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News, announcement and interesting information about publishers, writers, digital development and more. With the decision to open the sale of overseas titles as "something we had to do for our authors", Inuit's own publisher Inhabit Media stage-managed its appearance at the Frankfurt Fair on its way to becoming Canada's Guest of Honour in 2020.

Revenues from the sale of eBooks in August remained largely stable. Turnover by adults in the US shows an increase of 22.7 million US dollars, with kids and YA also showing an uptrend. In their thank-you address in Frankfurt for the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, the authors Jan and Eleida Assmann say: "Democracy does not live from quarrels, but from good arguments.

With the aim of producing a wide range of programmes on titles such as book, film, TV and games with a particular emphasis on the associated licence options, the LIMA-Frankfurt arrangement will be implemented. Reducing an individual's right is a violation of each and every one of us," says Ismail Serageldin of the Library of Alexandria for the Frankfurt #OnTheSamePage advertising slogan.

The publishing houses examined the impact of societal pressure on the publishing industry at an exhibition organised by Byte the Book and the Frankfurt Book Fair. Norway's Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs and several writers gave a forecast of what the nation will contribute to its Guest of Honour programme in 2019. At its General Meeting in Frankfurt, the 65-strong, 76-organization International Publishers Association of Mexico confirmed Hugo Setzer and Bodour Al Qasimi of the UAE for the new management cycles effective January 1.

In Frankfurt, there is particular interest in the new translation literary section as the National Book Awards 2018 in America announce the winners.

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