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You received your order code by email when you first purchased this product. Purchase code was also captured during installation. Buying a code signing certificate is a simple process. Are you looking for information on buying Code products? On the website of Code you can do that:

Order code - Where can I find my order code?

Once you have made a purchase, the article downloading link will appear in your Envato Downloads section of your Envato Store. Downloads that you get contain a main file or installer pack and the license certificate that contains your purchase code. Please note: If you do not have an order code, we cannot offer our customers our free product service.

How to retrieve your order code for an item: Choose the License Certificate & Purchase Code product links. Please click on the text file to get the PDF file with your purchase code. Once you have received your order code, you can use it to sign up for the topic. In order to find out how to do this, see the How to Registers Topic articles.

Buy this

In order to purchase a piece of our on-line shop products, just click on the Buy icon to put it in your basket. FastSpring, Avangate and CoinPayments provide our secured ordering system that accept cash by most popular debit card, PayPal, direct debit and other means. After your release for release for payment you will immediately get an e-mail with your own licence number.

Following these steps will allow you to input your licence code and activate the game.

How do I find the order code?

Your purchase verification code is included in the licence certificates you receive after making your purchase on Envato markets. It is useful for registration of the automatic update plug-in and also for accessing our technical forums. Then click on the hot key and then on "License Certificates & Purchase Code (Text)", as shown below.

Then open the text document and the purchase code will be displayed inside:

Buy Code Signing Certificates

Buying a code signing certification is a straightforward one. In most cases, you don't even need a CSR to fill out the order forms on-line. Go to page 1: Choose a specific item and proceed as follows: Make sure that Code Signing Certificates is checked in the Products area. From the Validity Period section, choose the number of years (1, 2, or 3) you want to purchase your Code signing certification for.

Choose the desired code signing certification for your application (e.g. Microsoft Office VBA) from the drop-down menu in the section Platforms. Proceed as follows on page 2 Step: Company information: Under Company Detail, type your company data for the certification. Under Your Contacts as a Certified Applicant, type your current and auditable information.

You may need to be contacted to confirm your order and to receive your order confirmations by email. Please note: For safety reasons, we must consult with your Human Resources, IT, Business or Law Director to review the information you provide in this stage. If you do not want to use your account information as your physical address, deselect Use my account information as physical address in the Physical account section and provide us with your physical account information.

Please fill in your billing information on the page 3 Step: Details of Payments, review and verify that I accept the above Certification Services Agreement*, and click Finish Order. Please note: If you are a new client, only the Credit Card options are available to you in the Method of Paying section. As a rule, the verification procedure is quite simple and can be finished in less than one to two hours, although there may be problems that would prolong the procedure beyond the scope of the standards, especially if we have difficulties checking the applicant's name.

As soon as the validating procedure is complete, an e-mail with installers' guides will be sent to the certificate applicant.

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