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You can find the best free pictures about buying. Purchase of Shutterstock images | Help Center Attempt to use different keywords or navigate through the different catagories. Shutterstock pictures - what are they? Buy Shutterstock beautifully designed pro images for your website! Shutterstock images all have the same dimensions with a high definition of at least 1600 pixel, which means they are also great for use as wallpapers on your website.

When can I use a Shutterstock picture? Do not use the picture as a trade mark for a company. Please click on picture. If you click on Stock Images. Select the Shutterstock Images tabs. Explore the images using the Find toolbar or the navigation toolbar on the right. Please click on the picture you want to buy. Please click on Buy images.

In the Media Manager, click Buy if you are having trouble buying a Shutterstock picture. Please click on pictures. Please click on Bought on the leftside. Only one Shutterstock picture can be bought at a time-at a time. You must provide your billing information with each purchase. They can' buy the same picture twice.

None of the images on this site are eligible for a refund. It is not possible to modify bought images from Lockers. You can find your invoice from your local account on the page entitled Billings & Payments. Once you remove a picture from your website, it will stay in the Images folder on the My Pictures page of the Media Manager. Please note, however, that erasing the images file from your computer will erase all images you have acquired from your computer and you will no longer be able to view them (unless you have already loaded them onto your computer).

The Shutterstock images you added to your site before you deleted the file will still be there.

Minutes of the Annual Conference of the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) 1993

The full report of the 1993 Annual Conference of the Academy of Marketing Sciences (AMS) in Miami Beach, Florida is included in this series. Research and presentation provided in this book covers many facets of market research topics, among them market research strategies, customer behaviour, business-to-business marketers, global marketers, retailers, marketers training, etc. The Academy of Market Science, established in 1971, is an internationally recognized organisation devoted to the promotion of early research into the phenomenon associated with the sciences of market research in the theoretical, research and practical fields.

In addition to its service to members and the fellowship as a whole, the Academy provides conference, congress and symposium facilities that draw representatives from around the globe. Featuring cutting-edge research and findings, the books complement the Academy's major periodicals, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing/Marketing Sciences (JAMS) and AMS Review. Published by renowned scientists and professionals from various fields of market research.

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