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There was an on-going debate in the commentaries on the article on fair use and copyrights, and it seemed like a good moment to look at some of the readily available ressources that can provide images for use in blogs postings or blogs without being afraid of violating someone else's copyrights. My most frequent statement I get from those who " borrow " pictures (and in my own head: hey, in the past I didn't get that as well as I do now!) are:

In fact, we can get tons of images that are available with plain, easy-to-understand policies. However, before we get to the source, I think it would be good if we had a look at one of the innovation that makes this kind of shared images possible. It is a non-profit organization that makes it possible for individuals to easily divide their work, learn from the work of others, and protect their copyrights.

Rather than requiring each individual to consider what he or she wants to retain, what he or she is willing to licence, and under what terms and circumstances, Create Commons will establish a unified licence that can be used and fully comprehended by everyone. It gives the author of the work the liberty to allocate the licence he wants to bear so that others can divide it, mix it up or use it for commercial purposes.

Attribute. Here is what it says about this licence on the Commons website: It allows others to redistribute, re-mix, optimize and base their work on it, even commercial, as long as they give you the initial work. It is the cheapest of the available licences in relation to what others can do with your works licenced under Attribute.

That means that any photographs or other images that you find and to which this creative commons licence is allocated are free for you to use as long as you give the recognition to the performer. The full licence document describing this licence is available on the page entitled Commons Attribute. With over 392,500 images, this photogallery is the property of Getty Images, the world's premier supplier of online content, a place where creators and performers can showcase their work under the above mentioned Creative Commons Attribute Licence.

This means that you can use all your pictures here as long as you specify them. Sharing your pictures with other artists! When you have some beautiful pictures that you would like to have shared with others, join us! Stock.xchng has a practical query field, so I typed "terrier" to see what would happen.

You' ll find that in the screenshot there is a seperate series of images at the top of the canvas. They are actually from another Getty Images company, iStockphoto.com, one of the best websites. In addition to photographs, iStockphoto offers animation, graphic art, drawing and other searchable tools.

When you click on one of the iStockphoto images, you exit Stock. xchng and go to iStockphoto, which is a payment page. More than 200 pictures of terrorists, with a convenient magnification showing the picture over which your pointer hovers. Click on it to get a detail page with a dowload-menu, a license-menu and, on the right side under Photodetails, a hyperlink to the photographers page.

Normally I copy this name directly from the page and use it after downloading the picture by attaching it to the file name. Here is how I would add this picture if I used it in a blogs post: Actually, most of the pictures I use here are from Stock.xchang. This same kind of ascription can be used if you are using a licenced picture from Adobe online, and who am I to question that?

In order to use the Flickr capabilities for our purposes, you must browse to the Advanced Find page, which offers many find opportunities that you can choose to disregard except one: It'?s Commons creatives. I' ll show you how I use this mighty quest. Just click on the Get More... button under Create Commons and the entire Create Commons (CC) page will open, with our good friends the Attribution License at the top.

What you want is the See more below right button. As a result, you reach another query window that is restricted to CC Attribute Images only. Now you have every CC attribute picture on Flickr available for your keyboard word searching, and Flickr has reports that it contains 16,167,811 photographs with a CC attribute-licence.

A search for "Terrier" returned 6,730 results. Many of these non-professional recordings you may not want to use, but I think you can see how mighty this CC attribute can be. With our knowledge of CC attribute licencing, we can move on to the queen of searching, Google.

Each Google lookup monitor has an picture hyperlink. As a result, you will be taken to Google Picture Finder, but we cannot use this monitor, the desired hyperlink is the one called Advanced Finder. It opens a window that provides many searching possibilities and at the bottom it is possible to specify the type of licence to be searched for, which will be displayed during the picture scan.

Added the reusable label options from a drop-down menu and got 223 images to select from. While I wasn't so much taken with the results from Google, when I looked at the detail display for a photograph of a sweet toys Boxterrier, I realized that Google had drawn the picture from Wikimedia Commons.

Another study showed that Wikimedia Commons is the Wikimedia Foundation's filing cabinet - the Wikipedia parent group - and is run as a voluntary service. In contrast to conventional storage systems, Wikimedia Commons is free of charge. Wikimedia Commons itself and the text it contains are available under the terms of the creative commons attribution/share-like license.

ikimedia Commons currently has 6,182,493 items saved on its server, all of which are available for re-use with attributes. I searched for "Terrier" and got 1,199 matches, although I found that some of them were from a terrestrial rocket and not from canines. Below the detail page of each photograph you will find a full featured photograph description and the full license for it.

Within a few moments I had found over 8,300 photographs of Terrians, all of which were free to use, as long as I gave the right indication of what seems to be the least I could do.

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