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Arts and their history: Readers Eighty-nine powerful lyrics that have been instrumental in creating contemporary judgements and beliefs about the arts are presented in this series. Emphasising the debate and ideas surrounding the occidental artistic cannon, the author's books range from Pliny the Elder's artistic story to contemporary themes such as sex, postcolonialism and museology. For a general overview of the recent debate on the cannon of West arts, see a general introductory section in the work. Subsequently, the sources and critiques of the volumes are structured around six themes of historical art: academies, museum and artistic cannons; the varying state of the artists;

sex and the arts; the challenges of the avant-garde; viewpoints of differences; and exhibition culture.

Sources, each preceded by a brief introductory text with information about the writer and instructions for studying the text, contain groundbreaking works by Vasari, Le Brun, and Baudelaire, as well as various types of artistic writing, a treaty, a life story, and an scholarly discussion.

In addition, the scholarly criticism for each section of the text offers a multitude of perspective on the arts and reviews of artistic histories. These volumes accompany the bachelor's programme "Art and its History" taught by the Open University.

Perfect image - Jade C. Jamison

Jade C. Jamison tried for years to really spell what she thought was a more "literary" kind of narrative, but she was forced to spell what you've been reading about her today - sometimes brave, rough, real storytelling and other sometimes funny, easy storytelling - but most of the storytelling she does revolves around relations and personalities that find their way through it.

Although she is not limited to a single category and there is no beautiful, well-groomed record company for what she wrote, one could call most of her work Erotische Romantik. Among her most important hobbies in the world of literature are Rockstar romanticism, romantical humour and romantical tension.

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