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Please enter your school's Picture Day ID (from your order form) or your student's Portrait ID and access code (from your test form). Look online for a specific item by taking a photo of it. Every single-day, they use searching machines to find global information, buy a product you want to buy, or find information about an up-coming film. Every single one of these days you enter so many queries that you probably don't even think about them anymore. Just enter some information about it, like "little crushed face dog", and you'll probably get a score like "French Bulldog".

Just enter this to get information about where it is going and to see a movie about it. But wouldn't it be simpler if you could just take a snapshot of all these things and let your phone do the searching for you? Don't typewrite anything. Simply take a photo, then CamFind will look for it.

Use the Cloudsight API (Application Programme Interface) to find your photo on the web. When it is a case of a nice glass of tea, it recognises this photo, translates it into an online quest and displays the results. You' re starving, so you take a photo of the burgers. Within seconds CampFind recognises him as a Hamburg player, then finds information about Hamburg players and shows you locations to get one.

CamFind's voice-activated searching can also be used to make a query. Or, take a photo of one of these QR codecs that you sometimes see, or a bar code, and CamFind will take you directly to the associated website. The CamFind detects almost every frame. Would you like to see CamFind in operation?

Air Images & Satellite Images

Customer specific GIS applications are georeferenced orthomostics, volume mappings, space and time changes and much more. PrecisionHawk, our mother organization, uses UAVs around the globe to acquire low-altitude, high-resolution real-time information with sophisticated sensor technology. Customise your maps to add height information, road name, plot line and other information levels.

Incorporate and share information from a variety of third-party resources. Likewise, we may collect and share information from a variety of third-party resources.

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