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All our pure HTML CSS website templates are created by the best web developers who have thought about every element needed for a well-designed website. Built on Normalize.css, Pure provides layout and styling for native HTML elements and the most common UI components. Pure mix brands your business with a stunning website.

Clean Html Css Website Templates

You can use this pattern for your own drawing ressources. "It was created for multi-purpose and IT Web sites. You can use this document for your property website. Submission is destined for the Gesundheit & Beauty web sites. Sample was created for web sites for businesses and restaurants. Web templates for IT and Web sites.

You can use this form on your own website for your own use. There is a website artwork & photograph for this.

Do you have templates for HTML-only sites?

This means that there cannot be a templat because your contents define which HTML elements are to be used. When you don't append any CSS, every web browsing application has a standard style sheet that it will use. Each of these features is integrated into the web page and is different for each one. We overwrite the browser's defaults when we type css and do not even remove them.

When you don't say something, the web browsers uses a kernel type (or cascades it) it has in the standard spreadsheet. Without using HTML you just can't view HTML. Only HTML that would be clearly displayed would be what is there.


Series of small, highly reactive custom style sheets that you can use in any webspace. "It' " " " " " " " " " "Pure is pathetically small. Reduce the total size of the module kit to 3.8KB* and check it in zipped. When developing for portable use, it was important to us to keep our files small, and each line of code was thought through well.

Choosing to use only a partial set of these cartridges will result in even more byte savings. The above numbers are custom modular values; when grouped, they are compressed even more (gzip). Built on Normalize.css, Pure provides layouts and styles for indigenous HTML and the most popular UI com-ponents.

The Pure responds instantly so the items look good on all screens. The Pure has minimum style and will encourage you to go beyond your own style of use. It' built to get out of your way and makes it simple to overwrite them. Using grids, menus, and more, it's simple to make appealing designs for all display resolutions.

We made it simple for you to get down to work. Have a look at a few different layout and launch your next web projects on a sound footing. In contrast to other framework the Pure designs are unaffected, minimum and shallow. If you add a few rows of CSS, you can change the look and feel of Pure to suit your webspace.

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