Whereas other keyboard case designs make it difficult to remove your tablet, the QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case makes it easier than ever. What can I do to remove the gray area between the Qode slider and the first content block? The Qode Bridge Theme - Store contact form data in the database.

Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 (App-enabled)

ULTIMATIVE AUTOMATION. Featuring a fully charged keypad case that blends long-lasting pill repellency, versatile features and a completely redesigned keypad feel into a light, carryable pack. Laptops keypad experiences. At times, you want to use your iPad Air 2 without a keypad. Whereas other keyboards case styles make it hard to get your tray off, the QODE Ultrtimate Pro makes it simpler than ever.

You can even use the case itself with your Smart Cover, so your iPad always offers full double-sided coverage. We' ve totally revamped the type feel to make it even more like a real notebook. Qode Ultimate Pro is the only case on the PC that has exactly the same number of keys as a notebook keypad, so it doesn't compromise function.

Featuring a broader cap design and enhanced tone height, the keys outperform the rest, making the Ultimate Pro the quickest and most convenient enclosure on the market. QODE Ultimate Pro also includes keys with backlighting to make writing in low or no lights even simpler. Select from three different settings to further adjust your typing feel.

QODE's free app offers a variety of extra functions for this light QODE keypad. Everything from fast-start links to instantly loading applications and Web pages to multi-language and layouts choices. As well as connecting to your iPad Air 2 via a wireless connection, you can also use the keypad yourself and connect it to other equipment.

Bluetooth® Smart Keyboard Bluetooth avec Bluetooth 4.0 est disponible sur iPad Air, iPad minis, iPad 4ème génération, iPad 3ème génération, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, iPod 6ème génération, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac minis et iMac. You now have even more options when it comes to displaying your iPad Air 2.

Solenoids in the housing fit the magnet tissue hinges and ensure a safe grip in any desired location. It' s so intelligent it doesn't require a mains switch - it turns on when you need it and turns off when you don't need it just by recording the mass of your iPad Air 2.

If you use the keypad alone, it's the cloth hinges that tell you when to turn it on. The Bluetooth® Smart also uses less rechargeable energy, so you can drive longer with one charging session - up to a year, actually. Active rechargeable batteries powered by a fully recharged keypad that is continually used with keys with backlighting turned off.

Renowned for its power and stunning ease, we've used airplane quality anodised aluminium to make the Qode Ultimate Pro keyboards case as lightweight as possible. SoundFlow styling of the keypad sleeve makes your iPad sounds right for you, making your iPad sounds and films more vibrant and clearer than the iPad without the sleeve. Each QODE Ultimate Pro case features keys that have been tried and trusted over 10,000 tests to guarantee their power and response.

And our dedicated QA team goes beyond borders and sets benchmarks beyond the minimal demands for tissue, fall and shelf life testing. Create links to connect to apps or Web sites using keys on your keypad. Browse through different tongues available on your keypad and see them on the monitor. As you work, the app periodically looks for regular upgrades to improve your keypad.

This app has a straight path to QODE, so it's never been simpler to give us your input on your keypad. Just like you, our panels are multilingual. Browse through different tongues available on your keypad and see them on the monitor. QODE free app:

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