Qode Bridge Demo

Bridge Qode Demo

This video shows how important one of many demos supplied with our theme is. Bridge Wordpress Theme Theme Theme Demo Demo with Easy Property Listings. "#282436 # Lacking Demos" / Qode Topics Hello Ken, it seems that you are using an old versions of the topic (2.4). Upgrading the design to the latest release (5.

1) will preserve all available demo versions. Please follow the instructions below to refresh our topic: Copies/replaces the contents of the bridge directory into the /wp-content/themes/bridge directory of your website.

Once you have done this, please deinstall Visual Composer, reinstall it and enable it again to get the latest Visual Composer as well. You will then be able to choose to export all available demonstrations. Another remark, every and every times you create new demo contents, please go to Appearance > Menus and remove any menus you haven't made.

You' ll have to clear all your main _menu and main_menu_backup elements each and every times before importing, but in some demo's there are some other menus that also need to be cleared, so the best way is to clear any menus you haven't created yourself. If not, your menus will double with each imported item, which can cause more serious problems requiring reinstallation of WordPress.

Simply clear the menu each and every times before importing and it will be OK.

Bridging demo site imported got bogged down at 90%.

I' m trying to get a demo site of the bridge topic and it gets jammed at 90%. There is no standard limitation in the specified font sizes (.htaccess), do I have to specify this explicit? In addition I cannot find the php.ini in my directory.

I' ve also decided to show all the hiding data, even if this is not shown, where can I find it? Having done some unsuccessful importing, is there a way to resolve this before I reimport the demo site? Various hosting systems use different schemas for storage and access to data. php.ini is dependent on the hosting system.

Usually processed via the hosts preferences. Google is your boyfriend. Returns the WordPress to its default values. If you do not change any data, only the data base is reset. When you are on hosted sharing, you are somehow depending on your hosted being able to do everything for you. When you have a VPS schedule or a devoted web site (more costly hosted than shared), you have the power to do these things yourself.

Are you sure you want to include all demo contents? It' a shadow hosting, so I'm not sure if these settings can be slightly modified.

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