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New Qode Bridge theme support

Unzip bridge.zip and find the bridge folder. This video shows you how to install Bridge from within your WordPress administration area. I' m also asking the QODE people. Hello Qode, a few weeks ago I bought your Bridge Theme.

The Bridge theme supports review and access to videos and documentation.

Theme:: Konflikt with the Qode Bridge theme

Please note that when Caldera Forms (Free) is enabled, several Qode Bridge theme Qode Slider Editor button (a user-defined mail type) will be affected, making the buttons/tips useless. Both you and Qode seem to have a class named "switch" and your own Qode style overrides the Qode one.

I' m trying to get in touch with Qode to give them advice as well, so hopefully one of you can optimize your stylistic name so that clients don't have to choose which products to keep/deliver.

With the bridge theme, and can not modify my pages within the visible.....

I can' work on my pages for some sort of reasons. I' not sure if this is due to the fix, and I' just not sure how to go about modifying for the new Worpress fix. That part is okay, it's just as I'm using it for retouching, I could see what kind of page was going on within its "visual composer".

If I press the Plus key and try to append an existing picture or other available item, it will show me the items, but it won't let me choose anything. Like it doesn't work, or like it's not an optional extra. In fact, I tried to switch from classical editing to back-end editing.

However, when you are in the frontend editors, the layouts are not as they used to be. Well, if you can tell me how to handle the processing, that would be great!

Conflict between bridge theme, event calendar and LayerSlider

Recently I bought my own Tickets Plus and my own Callendar Pro to support our website http://qsite.edu. after a faulty launch with another one. I noticed a problem with the use of Ajax between the theme (bridge) and your plugins after I bought it. The bridge is an outstanding and beloved theme, so the fight is very frustrating.

Therefore I deactivated the page transition in Bridge, which at least makes the page useable. A LayerSlider on the start page, however, does not indicate that it leaves a blank on the start page. Do you know problems with LayerSlider and Event Calendar under different topics? I' m also asking the QODE people.

Thank you for drawing our and the theme author's notice. While we do not offer theme support according to our Scope of Support / Terminology, many sites have opted to include theme support for our plugins. Since a theme basically does the whole website, the theme should really be the one that should be integrated into our plug-in if you load things differently than WordPress does by default. Therefore, the theme should be the one that should be integrated into our plug-in.

When there is actually a plug-in (e.g. slider) problem, you should see if you can reproduce the problem with a standard WordPress theme like Twenty Sixteen. When you can't, then we know that the topic is also in this game. When you can, then we should concentrate on exactly this plug-in and not on the topic and the plug-in together with our plugins.

I would like to be kept up to date on what the Bridge support is sharing with you. Unfortunately, both you boys and the theme vendor are writing about the other having to blend in with the other. Honestly, I had hoped to get more of both, both as a plug-in and as a theme for a compound. But I understand that you can' t test/integrate plug-ins with every theme and the other way around.

Specifically for LayerSlider, I suppose it would have the same restrictions as other sliders: that it can reread user-defined mail type and their user-defined boxes, but they don't know how to deal with the user-defined box information of our plug-in (e.g. sort event by date/time). Please refer to our Slider Revolution KB articles.

Much of the reference there could probably work similarly for any other slide control. I' m too far down the road with the theme and event plug-in to justify a change. Replacing the slide with a picture galery that is not so good, but does the work to the customer's complete satisfaction. What's more, I've added a new one.

Closes the theme 'Clash between Bridge Theme, Events Calendar and LayerSlider' for new answers.

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