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I' ve been trying to import the demo content from Bridge all afternoon. "#1112253 Bridging - Imported Demo Content" Hello, Qode! I' ve been trying to import the demonstration contents of Bridge all afternoon. I' ve been reading several thread about other people who have this issue and the answers of the Qode technicians. 2 separated locations simultaneously to make the learn bend effective, but both deployments (one on a dedicated site and one shared) get bogged down importing demos.

During my many unsuccessful attempts to import, I once tried to click Import when the gauge at 20% and 3-4 more stops until 100% were reached. This seemed to work, but in the end I had double menus and other contents, which was chaos. Hi there, sorry for the belated answer, we worked with finite resource over the week-end.

First make sure you are increasing your resource, or ask your host to do so for you: Please be aware that you must delete the prior trial copy. It can be deleted with the plug-in WorldPress Database Reset https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-database-reset/ (please consider that it deletes all WP contents as you just did with a new copy of Worldpress).

Then you can import the demonstration again. If you are trying to import trial contents, before you import, uncheck all WP plug-ins (to free your servers resources), then go to import and open your own development tool, click Import and observe the panel for bugs. If you encounter an issue, update the import page and try again.

The import of demonstration contents must achieve 100% without showing errors in the dashboard. Therefore, do it again until the panel is clear (sometimes you need to redo the whole thing 10x or more). Keep in mind that this is a frequent problem when you import demonstrations with all topic writers, as demonstrations become more rugged to meet the needs of all your clients.

In case the issue persists, please restore the data base as described above, please return the shortcut to the required demonstration and the WP Administrator shortcut, user name and login code so that we can try to import the required demonstration for you. Sincerely, hello, we have just reviewed your website and found that the demonstration is well received. Sincerely, yes, all demonstration contents were only import if I kept pressing "import" when the meters got caught (the meters got jammed a few time, so it took several more clicks on the import button).

Click the Bridge -- One-Click Import page icon - Qode import in the back end.

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