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Use the Qode slider to place the video background in the slide. Build your own website with Bridge Video Slider website design or browse our collection of website designs & kick start your business online today!

"<font color=#38B0DE>Video Qode Slider" (#951499)

Hi, size of the video on our demonstration pages are 1280x720px . We' ve viewed your video and viewed it 100% on the screen, but it's important to know that most parts of the foil wallpaper are not viewable. Whenever possible, the slider will scale the slider area as large as possible so that it is fully hidden by the wallpaper or video.

This means that a backdrop cutout must be made, while the secure area is the centre of each foil - this area is always there. If you use the slider wallpaper as an important part of your corporate vision, such as an illustration showing your products for a launch website, make sure the products are placed in that secure area so they won't be cut out. Display only and (min-width:: ; For videos on portable video players, please be aware that not all portable video players can play HTML5 videos correctly, and to make the slider appear consistent on all portable video players, JavaScript video play is inactive.

You can use the Video Preview Image function as a fall-back for both cases.

"#1105990 " "Qode Slider video is not downloading to the phone.

QodeSlider has a video that is loaded onto desktop computers. Unsure whether it has to do with the video filesize or what the key problem is. Hello, we've checked the slider and it seems that you haven't adjusted the video preview: The video in Qode Slider is deactivated on touchscreens due to problems with web browsing compliance and the wallpaper is shown instead.

Naviagate to Qode Slider -> Images -> Click to change your images -> load your picture under Video Preview Images (1920x1200): Next, inspect the slider.

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1 ) Is there a source listing for the photographs contained in the topics? Can a licence be obtained from stockists? 2 ) I want to use a finer font (Vivaldi, Edwardian Script, Phyllis) and in deep golden hues. Is it possible to upload or reformat different typefaces using the Wordpress front pane? Is it UX-friendly or user-defined style-setting?

I' m just concerned about the easy way to customize the theme in the big package, without being overly dependent on ticket supports.

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