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Several images on the Qode slider for theme layers. When you have the Qode slider on your WordPress website, you may wonder where to go to edit it. "#439140 H1 Qode Slider" / Qode Topics I' m using the Qode slider for the homepage, but I only have one film. Namely, I use is to have the parallax effect for a foil. Qode control caption uses letter 2 for caption.

As I only have one foil on my homepage, I want it to be an M1.

I' ve tried to save the filename within the sub-topic, but it won't apply the changes unless I modify it in the super-topic. Can I tell the higher-level design to look at the lower-level design for this short code as well? Hi, you need to copy the entire modded speed dial feature (qode_slider) into the sub theme's sub theme's root directory/functions.php and it should work.

Remember to enable the children's topic. Yours sincerely, Hey Da, I have the same issue and I have tried to fetch the shortcode.php and it fails again and again, is there any other cause that could pass? Hi, Unfortunately you cannot overwrite this sub-topic and you have to make changes directly in the sub-topic's sub-topic's file.

You must also refresh this filename every single refresh of your topic.

No qode slider in the second one.

Hi, I'm using the Qode slider using the Qode thematic bridging, I've got my slider in the second slider but it doesn't appear in the house, there's something I need to activate? the same applies to Qode roundabout. I' ve written version in the second laguage, but it doesn't appear. Hello Vincenzo, after stage 4 I get myself off and don't get what we get in the email that sent me, I don't get what is going on.

Bridge Debate - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Topic (page 38)

Unfortunately I seem to have a number of bugs, some of which have been raised by other people. I' m working with Chrome, but have also tried these in Firefox; latest releases for both and the latest Bridge upgrade (June 9, 14). However, it is possible that Visual Composer may be at the roots of problems with CSS, but could you check that out?

Another subscriber notified you of this. Does a persistent fix apply to an upgrade? 5 ) Titles area and title: For example, in blogs, it will duplicate the track directly above the track itself. 6) Qode Slider just doesn't work for me - it doesn't let me "insert into mail".

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