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What can I do to remove the gray area between the Qode slider and the first content block? The Qode Bridge Theme - Store contact form data in the database. Explore our collection of beautiful premium WordPress blogging topics, each fully responsive and supported by friendly, fast support. If we do not create custom WordPress sites for clients, we will only work with the Bridge theme.

javascript Wordpress QODE Banners Behave Strangely

A Wordpress website has been taken over. This website uses the bridge topic, this topic uses the QODE slide control as a browser-plug-in. Banners are not displayed on the desktop, only on the layout. If the page load is displayed in the page load bin, but the load is complete, the page will jump away.

It' probably a setup in the plug-in or in the design, but we can't find it anywhere. When the page loads:

If the page is no longer loaded: Do any of you have any previous experiences with the bridging topic or the QODE plug-in? or do you know how to find such problems, is Wordpress?

No qode slide control in the second laguage.

Hi, I'm using the Qode sliders using the Qode thematic bridging, I've got my sliders in the second programming mode, but they don't appear in the house, there's something I need to activate? the same applies to Qode carousels. I' ve written version in the second laguage, but it doesn't appear. Hello Vincenzo, after stage 4 I get myself off and don't get what we get in the email that sent me, I don't get what is going on.

Parallax images in Qode must be reactive.

Hopefully your weeks get off to a good start. Well, I'll see you in a while. I' m using Bridge from Qode for this page and have a little problem with the para laxes. Personally, I adore the row background wallpaper for my parents, but the wallpaper doesn't react. Do you have a style sheet or something that can make an picture appealing or make all the pictures on the website appealing?

are parallaxes.

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