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qTranslate or qTranslate X are not supported because the plugin has not been updated or maintained for a newer WordPress version. Well-known problems What if, for example, you need to make the page titles, contents and excerpts plurilingual? qTranslate-X offers linguistic switches on the corresponding administration pages, which fill the entire text of multi-lingual boxes with the selected languages when you press them, in order to handle dynamically changing contents.

This plug-in allows you to specify which areas on a page or article should be multi-lingual. As soon as a filed is marked as multi-lingual, it will be clearly marked (in a configurable way) on the administration page. On the front end, the value of the current locale, as specified by a page browser, is extrapolated from a multi-lingual array to be shown in HTML contexts.

Thus, a multi-lingual box approach is used here, as opposed to a whole page or website approach for each individual tongue, as happens in a number of other multi-lingual CMS plug-ins, such as free Polylang or payed WPML. Every plug-in has its own advantages and disadvantages, please select the one that best fits your needs.

The plugin qTranslate-X offers a comfortable way to describe the required multi-lingual input data via a JSON-coded setup as described in the integration manual. This makes it simple to incorporate your design or other plug-ins into qTranslate-X. You can provide a JSON-encoded filename with the name i18n-config. ison, as used by qTranslate-X itself, from topics and plug-ins within your mailing list.

When activating a plug-in or changing a topic, the qTranslate-X plug-in takes these configurations and loads them. It is possible that such a setup can be used by any other multi-lingual plug-in. If you are a developer, please get in touch with us to agree on a shared default for the i18n-config. configuration filename, named ison.

Currently, the plug-in does not provide any translating service. They did an on-line poll to find out how humans are translating their contents. Adminstrators usually have their way of translating the contents, but they need a comfortable way to type in compiled contents at a suitable location for which this plug-in is intended.

The plugin qTranslate-X makes the production of plurilingual contents as simple as working with a unique one. Switch locally between tongues with one click - change tongues as easily as switch between visual and HTML. Linguistic adjustments without altering the . po/mo file - It saves all translation in the same mail boxes while it is displayed to the users to process them individually according to the selected one.

For user-defined topic areas, translation will take place - See Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Speech day coding allows character chains like this'[:en]English Text[:][:de]Deutsch[:]', with language-neutral text in it. Multi-lingual data immediately ready for use - translate data and times for you. User-defined topic areas can be configurated in such a way that they can also be compiled. Select one of the few ways to make your web sites look good and SEO-friendly, e.g. the easy and attractive /en/foo/, or the good and tidy en.yoursite.com, or anywhere else that' long=en.

A single locale for each URL - User and rejoice that you have not mixed multiple locales. qTranslate-X provides an infinite number of locales that can be added, changed or removed via a convenient configuration page under settings->locales. User-defined custom style sheet for the qTranslate Language Chooser Widget, which can be configured via its features. Select the "Language selection" option to select the desired function from a list.

Please tell us about a successfull use of other site map plug-ins. You can find and update some useful offers on the qTranslate-X declared website: This is the listing of plug-ins that allow the incorporation of qTranslate-X with other common plug-ins. Corrected issue where some plug-ins were listed as compliant with qTranslate-X without adding an integrative plug-in.

At the moment the lists of some of our plugs are not fully compliant with qTranslate-X. Meanwhile, if you come across a contradictory plug-in, please let us know and try to use another plug-in with similar features, if possible. It is a plug-in that began as a descendent of qTranslate, which was apparently given up by the initial writer, Qian Qin.

Here qTranslate-X has many new functions and hardly looks like its forefather. It is also not a simple compatibility with older plugins. You have to thoroughly review the migration manual to change a website from old to new. It is possible that you will find some useful information in the qTranslate document, which is not completely copied here.

While there are other multi-language supported plug-ins out there, it seems that Qian Qin has a very good, inventive backend layout, and many folks have enjoyed using his plug since. The program saves all your translation in a unique contribution, which makes it simple to update and use with other plug-ins.

All of them are trying to design qTranslate's GUI in such a way that the initial backend is preserved, which this plug-in also does. It is a plug-in that is a hybride of all of them and corrects a few errors in each of them. There are also many new functions, such as thematically adapted, translateable boxes.

Hopefully this is the most comprehensive working plug-in that brings together the best of qTranslate, sqTranslate, mqTranslate, qTranslate, qTranslate Plus and zTranslate. A qTranslate Team unit has been set up to have a common authorization for all qTranslate-ish plug-ins. Participants should split the effort among themselves.

It is not free of charge, those who use it permanently should register for the donations scheme. It' important to read the known problems before using the plug-in. Please read the login page on the website described by qTranslate-X. Please refer to qTranslate-X's website for a listing of desired functions.

If you have previously used a different multi-lingual plug-in, please refer to the migrations guide, otherwise the primary setup of this plug-in will not differ from other default plug-ins: Important: Whenever you upgrade the plug-in, make sure to disable the old one and then enable the new one. page above to either reinstall a plug-in or unzip all the data and save it all (keeping the folder structure) to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

Disable the qTranslate, qqTranslate, qTranslate Plus, zTranslate or any other multi-lingual plug-in if you are using it. Insert the qTranslate Chooser or Language Switcher widget so that your users can change languages. Customize user-defined subject areas or other plug-ins that can be translated if required (Settings -> Languages: "Integration").

See the Integration Guide if your design displays multi-language panels in unformat.

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