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Updated by the Market Quality Team (average reviews) Hello everyone, I'm Jarel, Envato's Quality Manager, here with an updated on mean waiting periods for reviews and quality improvement. It is a great opportunity to take a look at the quality team's growth and organization. Currently, we have over 60 members in our teams with a management group at our headquarters in Melbourne, [expertise] specialists, senior reviewers and reviewers (spread around the world).

When you are acquainted with the quality management system, you probably know one or more of our long-term members, most of whom are specialists (Adrien, Mark, Stephen, Kate and Gaby) or senior reviewers and reviewers (such as Kailoon, Ivor, Sid, Cheryl, Jeremy, Tyson, David, Claudiu - many!). They are the men and women who keep the lines in motion for the inspection almost 365 a year.

They are a phenomenonally gifted group, but one thing is certain: our great writer pool is generating more than ever and the quality staff is expanding accordingly. Talking of waiting lines, the quality management staff handles around 400,000 assessments each month across a wide spectrum of capabilities, article styles and states, and product category.

These illustrate the complexity of detail across the entire project and why it is a challenging task to deliver common fixes and fixes that sometimes result in unreasonable outcomes. Some time ago, the squad reached a turning point where our managerial, administration and specialist capabilities had to make a significant leap up.

Some changes have been made to gain more working hours for our specialists and several new positions have been added, among them 2x teamleader ( Blake and James ). Command and control: It was important to fill these positions and update the staff before we could really concentrate on our reviews sourcing.

Checking the resources: Now that the above two points have been concluded, we are prepared to start raising the level of prioritisation and to concentrate on the procurement of resources for audits (recruitment of more auditors). To sum up, we have worked diligently to improve the fundamentals of the teams to better serve more profitable futures and better demand for capability, and we are now working diligently on the next stages to increase our verification capability across the entire teams as needed and improve our capability to be ahead of the growing curve with fewer unpleasant surprises. Our goal is to continue to grow and grow our business in the marketplace.

Like always, this kind of expansion requires a bit of patient effort, and we've agreed a bit on when to focus on the first two areas above, so we can now and in the longer term expand more efficiently across the group. In addition, many other areas for improvements are envisaged (e.g. better insight into quality assurance and communication), which will become more dynamic as teams increase in number.

It' s tough to generalize for all reviews lines or even per site, as already said, so remember, as we work harder to achieve our goals (which we grow to over time). The overall goal for this next expansion of our teams is in June this year. MusicJungle - The emphasis is on music that aims for higher capacities until June (we want waiting lines to be less than 7-10 day until June, but that depends on growing contents, so we will be continuing to monitor and adjust along the way).

FotoDune - We have had some members on the way to new possibilities and recruiting is already well advanced. We expect normalized lines until June. ThémeForest - First main topics in WordPress and HTML/CSS/PSD as well as the entire production scheduling of the whole projects. We expect that a first round of resource reviews will be under way and will be in education in June and that there will be a significant increase in our execution capability by June, possibly until the next three months, as we bring ourselves fully up to date.

Thanks for your perseverance and, believe me, when I say we take great interest in our fellowship of writers and purchasers (more than anywhere I've ever worked, which is why I enjoy working at Envato!) and we're working very closely to improve the reviews processes and expand the quality people.

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