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Queen it Wix

Is the Wix Domains displayed next to my own Google Domains? We offer an update that allows you to refer your Wix website to your own name. As soon as you upgraded from a free website to a premium website, you need to refer your website to your new domainname. In order to find out how to associate your own domains (URL) with the Wix Website Builder, please go to our Technical Resources.

Up to 3 working day may elapse before your new domainname is refreshed by your domainnameistrar. As soon as it is refreshed and executed, you must get it referenced and ordered. A lot of people will find that there can be a brief timeframe in which both sites are listed until the free site gradually looses its ranking and vanishes from ranking.

Previously, when a Wix site visitor updated their site, the free site was deleted from the Wix.com site map by default. As soon as the Googlebot re-scans the site map, it will remove the site from its offerings because it no longer has a link pointing to it (assuming you remove other link to this site).

Wix has recently made some changes to accelerate this and avoid overlapping between the two sites. In order to enhance and accelerate the Google Index substitution experience, Wix now adds a no-index day to all free sites that have been updated. That means that once the Googlebot visits the free copy of a premier site, it encounters this no-index day and removes the site from themotions.

Google must search the site in order for the site's offerings to work. Timeframes for this vary and can take a week or two to two month. To get as many sites as possible to point to your website (link) is one thing. A different one is the direct transmission of your website to Google.

For more information about these policies and more directly in the Promote Your Site > Google & Search Engine section of this blogs.

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