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Template for questions and answers

Looking forward to a Question & Answer portal like Yahoo Answers or Quora? Top 5+ Best Question & Answer WordPress Topics 2018 QuAEngine is a republished topic from Engine Topics, a specialized creation studio for creating application topics that turn your WordPress page into a particular kind of website, in this case a question and answer page. It contains everything you need to create this kind of website, and offers many social components that can help your users to register and stay.

The QAEngine system incorporates a points system that allows the user to move up the rankings and gain site benefits depending on how they interacts with the contents they publish. It also uses an up and down vote system to evaluate the responses post to get the best possible piece of code to the top.

Then the questioner can select an answer as the best answer so that prospective shoppers can quickly see which was the right answer. The WordPress question and answer topic is extremely customizable and has a very contemporary and appealing look that makes it an outstanding option. The Ask Me is characterised by a daring and contemporary style that follows the trends of low-profile interfaces and materials designs.

Ask Me topic styles extend to the whole website, as well as the registry, logon, and question and answer pages. It will help your website provide your site users with a unified visitor Experience while at the same time building your business with each new page impression. The Q&A Topic contains three home page layout options that allow you to choose the right look for your website by just pressing a single icon.

Every member gets his own personal page and the possibility to collect points for the support of his other members. People who ask a question can help the remainder of the fellowship by tagging the best answer as their favourite answer. Tracking Q&A allows other attendees to keep abreast of responses during transmission.

A fully portable, reactive interface allows your fellowship to pose quizzes and responses on the go, enabling them to build a fast-paced on-line asset that will serve a true cause. The Discy is a top of the line question and answer the WordPress topic. So if you plan to build the next Quora, or if you just want to start an on-line area where your audiences can ask each other a question, the Discy topic could be the tools you're looking for.

Discy is more than just a WordPress topic and contains all the functions your website needs to be a hit. As well as question and answer functionality, Discy is also customisable so you can give your website the right look and feel. Discy is also a great place to find out more about your website. Some of the choices you can make about the functionality you can deploy on your question and answer site using this topic are response votes to highlight the best out of the box audience experience, visitor profiling pages to allow attendees to learn more about these publication tools, and a point and badge system to reap and promote interactions.

Others, such as the filter and search engine and web page taping, help your audiences find exactly what they're looking for on your site. Down- and uploadvoting is also provided so that your user can evaluate the submission. In addition to question and answer capabilities, Discy has many powerful utilities to help you take complete charge of the look and feel of your website.

Or you can use the Page Template Libraries to manage the look and feel of each and every item of your site's contents. Discy offers everything you need in one bundle with an amazing mix of functions and designs. askIt is a question and answer topic from Elegant Topics, which means it can be yours, along with their other 87 topics for only $69.

This topic on your site allows your site visitor to ask a question, and then let other site members answer with a choice of responses. Each question's multiplied responses can all be matched until the person who asked the initial question determines which is the best answer. There are seven different color themes in this topic that can be modified at the push of a single key, and you can also gain entry to the bustling Elegant Themes Supports forum if you need help using this topic.

When you want a very cheap question and answer topic with all the required functions, then askIt is a good option. Answers from template themes has the capability to turn your WordPress page into a fully functional question and answer site. Frequently asked question and answer can be sent via the front-end form, which helps to provide a uniform usability for the users of the website.

User can cast a ballot on the responses, with the question novice having the opportunity to make an answer the best answer. Website publishers who use this topic also have the opportunity to levy a submission fee. Reply is an integrated topic in PayPal and makes it a good choice for anyone who wants to set up a paid question and answer site.

Featuring many great functions, among them seven colored skin, responses could be exactly what you're looking for. Q&A Robust is a contemporary and classy topic for setting up a question-and-answer website using WordPress. As well as the website, the appealing look includes sign-up and sign-in pages to provide a smooth usability for visitors who want to set up an affiliate on your website.

As a question is post, a user can mark and category their posts to make it easy for other people to find it and thus improve their chance of getting an answer from the fellowship. As soon as a question is published, other members may like the responses given, with the most popular answer at the top of the stack.

A questioner can identify the best answer as such, although he has the capacity to alter his opinion in the near term if necessary. The Robust Q&A topic also allows the user to annotate the responses given to accept the contents or ask the posters for further detail.

Further characteristics of this topic are a points system for searching and ranking people, a ranking list for viewing ranking people, a report system for identifying inadequate contents and e-mail alerts when new contents are published.

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