Quicker Classified

Faster classification

Classifieds DJ Classifieds classifieds extension comes with many useful functions. The most similar features to OLX, Quicker. classifieds Publishable in any standard artwork Several types of boxes (checkbox, image, text entry, RF buttons, etc.) Shown on 6 different pages of the standard artwork and the possibility to configure categories filters used for advertisements and users profile Each customized box can be configured as Browseable and makes it available in the extended query options, Boxes as Mandatory Layout & Topics Fully customized artwork system Standard Response Station Fully customized Smarty style sheets Fully customized style sheets that allow even more flexible Multi view modes for ad listings:

Lists and networks Monetisation of payments items: Buy per Listings, Buy per Image, Buy per Contacts, Buy per Contacts, Buy for Featured Ad Credits, Buy Credits, Buy for Featured Credits, Buy Credits, Buy for Account, Buy for Featured Ads, Credit Discounts, Buy Credits, Buy Credits, Buy Credits, Buy Credits, Buy Credits, Pay per Contact, Buy for Account, Pay per Image, Pay per Account, Buy per Contact, Pay for Featured Ads, Credits, Pay per Contact, Pay for Featured Ads, Buy Credits, Buy Credits, Pay per Contact, Pay for Featured Ads, Pay for Featured Ads, Buy Credits, Pay for Featured Ads, Pay for Featured Ads, Pay for Featured Ads, Pay for Featured Ads, Pay for Featured Ads, Pay for Featured Ads, Pay for Featured Ads, Pay for Featured Ads, Pay Ads, Pay Ads, Pay Ads, Pay Ads, Pay Ads, Credit Ads:

Guest postings (no sign-up required) Available features Featured ad (gold, silver and bronze) Photo Upload and Picture Galerie for Ad File Attachment for Ad Messenger system for user Google Maps localisation Abusive ad report system Watchlist (by single ad or by category) Administrable customizable currencies Automated foreign exchanges with Yahoo converter Publish and expand ad displays End count down community chat (Facebook,

Account Status and Money Playback Display of Credits and Packages provides personalized boxes Personalized boxes Modes Open limits Modes Level Users Modes Available on certain Modes Different prices for different Modes for list of items to be paid add Modes to watch list Quick addition feature to create more than one Modes for adding different Modes for navigating at once 3 Modes for setting main settings Date and time formats Activate and adjust ACL (Access Control List) Added limitations for the number of posts (global, per group),

Max. number of permitted tag (s) Order ad listings by starting date or end date Activate/deactivate message between individual visitors Allow customizable workflow (one-stage post where ad information is submitted on one page or in two steps),

Limit specific ad type (public/private) Enabling and setting up attachment settings Option Enabling and setting up Google Maps Hiding contacts information (address, email) Define ad availabilities times Define the maximal sizes of pictures you upload or if a primary picture is needed Enabling and setting up ReCaptcha Query Advance Ad Tracking according to various criteria:

Titles, categories, ad types, pricing ranges, etc. Find advertisements by their locations using Google Maps Searchable user-defined boxes Quick find and pricing Find module paid gateway Multiple pay gateway supports for making site payments: Net, Bank Transfers Application Programming Interface available for the incorporation of third-party settlement gateway for transactions towards the Website Module & Plugins Quick Look and Pricing Finder Module 3 class browsing module moduls that show the latest, most beloved, most precious and most fortuitous, and most popular,

Features Adds (Multiple instances module) Tag Cluster 3rd party integrations community builder integrations includes a 4 plugin Packs Google Maps ReCaptcha Love Factory Benutzerprofil / Benutzerprofil CSR and Social Medien Share (Facebook, Twitter, Delicious) Embed videos integrations for displays (Youtube, MySpace, Vimeo, Metacafe, Howcast) Over 15 e-mail alerts for all important event to backend management actions Adaptable e-mail template:

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