Quirky Wedding Decoration Ideas

Strange Wedding Decoration Ideas For Wedding

Use childhood photos to decorate the bathrooms. Wedding, confetti and mariage of your own mind Singular ideas for your wedding, so that it stands out! Thirty-one impossible funny wedding ideas - your wedding of a lifetime! Those china salts and peppers are enchanting! Mister and Mrs.

Muse salts and peppershakers are dull. A magical wood wedding in Shoreham, VIC, Australia, shot by Daniel Milligan Photography. We' re always looking for Aussie marriages.

Pronovia's wedding gown for a classical wedding in Ireland with colourful DIY hortensia flowers in a bizarre land tent welcome. Brautjungfern in Waldgrün Adrianna Papell dresses & groom in an Armani marine suit. Cheap albums for your wedding photos! Artefact Rebellion // Make your own photobook. Make your own fotoalbum, your own fotocalendar and your own fotocards.

Twenty-three extraordinary wedding ideas for a very memorable occasion

Need any ideas on how to make your wedding even more memorable? Offer your wedding favor to your guest something different - your very personal hangover set. When you are trying to make some savings on your wedding, you should consider replicating these hand-made "tie the knot", store the date maps.

You can give your patrons a little bit of fun by giving them a badge to show which of the lucky couples they know. You can then guessed how other visitors know them. And you can have your very own capsules at your wedding. When you want to offer your customers sweets, why not consider a donut?

At Krispy Kreme you can buy and personalize these wedding gifts! What says your guestbook has to be a notebook? Transform your Jenga stones into a guestbook where they can type anything they want. Whenever you want to gamble Jenga in the years to come, you will remember your wedding anniversary.

Do you have ideas about which tunes to perform at your wedding? Just ask your customers! Imagine coloured pencils, papers, candy - they'll like it. It' certainly gonna add more magics to your wedding. Make your score send videos for your instead of your typed message, and the later it gets, the more fun it might be!

It' a great concept and will be a great souvenir for your big outing. Using a Polaroid cam, visitors can take a fast picture of themselves and also compose their thoughts. When you are an enthusiastic cook, you will enjoy these beautiful wedding gifts made from flavored oil. They are handcrafted so that they are something very peculiar for your guest.

In place of your normal guestbook you collect some gravel and ballpoint and you have some wishful thinking cubes! It is a great value option to a guestbook and will look great in your home, however you decide to show it. Offer the glasses as a wedding present. They are such a great concept for a wedding, for pictures - and for the next day!

Don't downplay the strength of the tealights, make your own personal tealight jams as background or decoration for your wedding anniversary. See the 57 exhilarating ways Anushka F lets you convert empty glasses for more ideas like these. Illuminate your wedding pictures and give your guest their own candles for playing.

And if you loved pâté and pâté, there's nothing to stop you from eating one! You can also use them as a wedding favor. Place your envelope on the walls where your guest can put their note. Offer your customers flip-flops so they can be dancing at the end of the day - that's a great concept for the summers, though I'm not sure about the winters.....

An increasing fashion among those socially minded guys, create an Instagram Dashtag so your wedding party can mark your wedding. Then you can use it for your wedding photo if you like it! That'?s a nice wedding concept. Complete each paper with the agenda and everything you want to incorporate into it, such as photographs of the newlyweds and grooms from infancy to deer and chicken do!

When you have some uncommon wedding ideas that you have seen, or that you had at your wedding, I would like to listen to them in the comment box below.....

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